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We have the Jimnys!!!

You would not believe the day we have had.....

Thursday 9.00am we're at Gabrielle's office. From there we go to the customs office to complete the paperwork and receive the certificate to say that the vehicles have past the contamination test.  However, we can't move them until we have insurance.  Off we all go, a 30 minute drive to the insurance office, Gabrielle goes back to her office. 

We talk to the insurance people about how we can obtain the insurance that we need and an hour and a half later it transpires that we cannot get what we need from them we have to travel for an hour to the other side of Vancouver to the registration office.  There we should obtain special short term insurance cover. 

An hour later we leave with both cars being insured until the end of August.  By now it's 3.45pm and the customs closes at 4.30. We won't make it in time, we all feel sick and tired. I phone Gabrielle to tell we won't make it in time, but she insists we come to her office as there was more papers to sign.

We arrive at her office at 4.45 to find our two little cars waiting for us!!!!!!   What a relief. She had managed to get the customs to release them into her custody.  I had wondered why she insisted we come to her office.

So now we're ready to go early Friday Vancouver time. The vehicles are ok apart from the slight vibration in the front somewhere on 03, but apart from that everything seems good

It's now 10pm here so I am going to have a shower now and get ready for radio Solent at12.40. Les

Original author: Les Carvall
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