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31/12/07 - Air System - updated

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The Jimny is fitted with an ARB difflocker in the rear axle. These difflocks are operated by compressed air, therefore an air source is required. If you purchase an ARB brand compressor these have a small air tank built in that permits operation of the locker but if you want to have more air, suitable for other accessories or for inflating tyres then a large air system is required.

The previous owner installed a VIAIR air tank system combined with a T-Max compressor but only carried out a quick minimum installation.......


The picture below shows the basic installation.


As can be seen the tank is mounting on the inside rear wing with the blue air feed looping around the roll bar and through the floor to the axle. The compressor is loose on the floor (behind the spare wheel) and the wiring is loose laid across the floor with crocodile clips to attach the compressor to the battery. The solenoid (visible on the end of the tank is loose wired across the floor of the car to a switch jammed into the dashboard

The close up picture below shows the solenoid sticking out into the car where it can be knocked about by people or parts in the rear of the Jimny. Visible next to it is the drain tap. This should be mounted on the bottom of the tank to drain out condensation that forms in the tank.

The picture below shows where the compressor connects to the tank. This is a straight connection but there is no automatic pressure cut-off fitted, therefore it is possible to over-pressure the tank.

The ARB locker is controlled by a switch, which has been jammed into a slot in the dashboard. The tank is monitored by a pressure gauge bolted to the transmission tunnel.

The picture of the switch also shows that the radio is a "loose" fit into its dashboard slot

The gauge shows the associated loose wiring.

Now I understand that the Jimny is built for off-roading but I like to have things a bit more orderly than this, therefore the system needs:

  • Refit the ARB solenoid switch out of harms way
  • Refit the drain plug underneath the tank where it can operate as a drain
  • Refit the air output feed to the ARB
  • Fit the compressor in a fixed position
  • Wire in the compressor to permanent wiring
  • Install a pressure cut-off switch
  • Install the gauge and wiring in a better position
  • Install the ARB locker switch properly in the dashboard
  • Add in an accessory air outlet to the tank

And so on with the work!..............


02/01/08 - Jimny Model Range
26/12/07 - Brick Kiln Farm
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