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Interior refit


 So with the MOT passed, we have been driving around this week. Unfortunately, there is a vibration or "push" in the drivechain. I took the rear propshaft off and found the UJs were notchy and very stiff. Taking them apart showed not only rusted out UJs but also a bent yoke. So a new yoke is on order and the car is back in bits in the garage. However this time is it only short lived and I took the opportunity to get on with the interior.

​I managed to pick up most of an interior from a 2009 Jimny from another forum member. I was primarily after a complete carpet but I also picked up most of the interior panels as well.

I took out the seat and pulled back the existing carpet. It stank and was rotten with most of the backing coming off. The floor was layered in mud.

 It took a fair bit of cleaning to get it smelling nice and looking clean. I then removed the trim around the floor and fitted in the "new" carpet. The key difference is that the new one is from a black interior Jimny so it looks a lot smarter than the grey that was in there before.

The radio was an old (original) Sony which seemed to have stopped working during the enforced lay up, although it still made the annoying beeping that these radios seem to make. I had a Kenwood from the boat so a quick purchase of a radio harness adaptor from Halfords and the radio is back up and working. 

Finally I replaced the door cards. These are removed by undoing the door handle and the small screw in the door opener. There is a press stud at the top front that needs the centre pushing in and then the door card can be gently pulled away from the door, its best to start at the bottom to do this. So I now have a smarter looking and nicer smelling Jimny!

First proper test run
Into the light!

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