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BigJimny Wiki Help Page

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a website that is editable by users using a standard web browser. Users can create and edit pages building up a website containing the collective input of individuals.

Probably the most famous Wiki is Wikipedia

This specific Wikipedia is dedicated to Suzuki Jimnys, a small 4x4


This Wiki is linked to the main BigJimny website. If you have registered with the main website then you already have an account and can log straight in.

If you do not have an account then you will be given the option to create one on the main website. This process requires user authentication using a valid email address.

Note: There is currently an issue with the login form that means it does not re-direct back to the Wiki after logging in. You will have to click the link to come back to the Wiki

Editing an existing page

Once you have logged in you can then edit pages. The simplest edit is to an existing page. Perhaps you want to add in your own information or correct someone else.

When on the page an "EDIT" button or menu will appear, on the default view this is on the top right hand side of the main screen area.

You will then be presented with an edit box in which to make your additions or changes.

Once you have made your edits then click SAVE at the bottom left of the screen area.

Why not practice on our Practice_Edit_Page

Creating a new page

You can create a new page in two ways

  1. Edit an existing page and create a link to a page that doesn't exist. You can create a new page using square brackets like this [[My New Page]]. After creating your link, save the page and you'll see your link in red text. Click on this link and you'll be invited to create the page.
  2. Depending on your browser you will have an Address Bar into which you type web addresses, this is usually at the top of the screen. Simply type into this address bar the address of a page that does not exist already i.e '' Note that the system does not allow "spaces" in the name, use the "Underscore" character. The result will be a message that states that the requested page does not exist and invites you to create the page. Once created you can then edit it.

If you want to try anything out, have a go here Practice Edit Page

Special note

If you intend to create a new page / article with the topic specifically about Jimnys gen4 (2018-ongoing), you should first check if a corresponding page / article already exists in one of the categories for Jimny gen3 (1998-2018).

If you do find such an existing page / article, you should edit it and add the desired information in it, instead of making a dedicated new page / article for Jimnys gen4. After adding the desired content, just add the article to a corresponding Jimny gen4 wiki category by adding a matching "Category" tag at the bottom of the article.

By the way, when writing any new chapter or a dedicated paragraph in any wiki page / article, you should clearly distinguish what refers to Jimnys gen3 and what refers to Jimnys gen4, and what generally refers to any of them. This ensures that a reader does not get mislead or confused.

Formatting your text

A Wiki uses a "Simple Markup Language". When you edit some simple buttons appear at the top of the edit box that gives you some formatting options.

There are more options (not all implemented on this website) here WikI Markup Language


We're currently working on templates to create 'infoboxes', little colourful boxes to draw attention to important parts of your documentation. You can see them here Templates

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