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The purpose of this article is to give insight about issues and solutions regarding battery usage in Jimnys.

Standard battery in petrol Jimny 3


  • The standard battery type, as fitted to all petrol versions of the Jimny 3 from 1998 to 2018 is an 054.
  • The dimensions are 196L x 127W x 223H.
  • The terminals are Japanese post type with the positive terminal to the right of the negative as you hold the battery with the terminals closest to you.
  • The 054 is a common battery type used on many small Japanese and Korean cars.
  • It is readily available from car battery suppliers and typically inexpensive.

  • The performance of batteries varies between manufacturers.
  • Typically the lowest performing 054 batteries have a capacity of 30 Ah and CCA rating of around 260 A.
  • This adequately meets the standard electrical load requirements for the Jimny in a "normal climate".
  • There are higher performing batteries of this size, up to approx. 45 Ah and approx. CCA rating of 400 A.
    • Higher performing batteries are even officially recommended by Suzuki (in the owner's manual) for "cold climates".

Standard battery in diesel (DDiS) Jimny 3


  • Diesel (DDiS) Jimnys 3 use much larger and more powerful battery as standard.
  • The size of factory battery in DDiS Jimnys 3 is approx 225L x 175W x 220H.
  • Capacity in this size ranges from 60 Ah to 80 Ah, and CCA rating from approx. 550 A to 750 A.
    • The colder the climate, the more powerful battery should be used.
  • This kind of battery should provide sufficient power of high power loads like winching.
    • Note that there is no space in the engine bay of DDiS Jimnys 3 for an additional battery.

Standard battery in Jimny 4


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Solutions for higher battery requirements in petrol Jimny 3


  • In situations where higher electrical output may be regularly required (sustained winching for example), much higher spec or larger batteries should be considered.
  • In petrol Jimny 3, the standard battery tray in the engine bay can accommodate a slightly larger battery.
  • Aftermarket battery trays that mount in the nearside of the engine bay offer the ability to fit a single large battery or to run a twin battery system.

Solutions for higher battery requirements in Jimny 4


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