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14th July 2024
Parkwood Nr. Leeds

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Gatescarth pass adventures

05 May 2024 15:39 #255874 by lesgrandepotato
Had a proper shakedown today with a trip over Gatescarth in the mist and light rain. 
It’s quite a lane! Went with a mate in a 90. 

I’d read that it was an easy drive up and over. Mostly the SJ just bounced up. I can’t imagine how the chap who’s done the write up with a new Gen Jim did it? Unless it was a press car? It’s a bit rough in places. 

Any ways, the new DOHC is good offroad, similar to the old motor at low revs but smoother and more tractable. 
Then only time it really used the beans was trying to pull the 90 up and round a step it just couldn’t manage. 
After that effort it seems the new Indian transfer case mount on the passenger side has ripped to pieces. 
So…. I’m thinking poly mounts with a solid through bolt on the passenger side and retaining the rubbers on the drivers side? Or should I just skip the rubber and put it back to a full poly mount? 

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05 May 2024 17:09 #255875 by jackonlyjack
On my Jimny I now use landy series/90 engine mounts fitted to a Richard Redacted cradle 
He does sj cradles too
Quite expensive though 

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04 Jun 2024 17:36 #256176 by lesgrandepotato
I’ve got the Redacted cradle now :-) second hand so no instructions…

Just trying to get my head round it. I think it’s a remove all of the mounts and leave the props on job?

Or is it a take off the t case cradle it up, and then refit?

Any tips before I crawl under are welcome!

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