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First impressions.

11 Jan 2018 21:55 - 11 Jan 2018 22:00 #188293 by Jimx5
First impressions. was created by Jimx5
After buying my car on Saturday i haven't had the chance to drive it since and it's been sat on my drive for the last 5 days.
So tonight i couldn't wait any longer and i've just had a 45min drive and to say i am pleased with it would be an understatement, the engine loves to sing, meaning drop a cog and let it go, it's no slug if you remember to change gear.
The only niggles with it at the moment is the steering wheel sits about 5 degrees to the right, which having read a post in the technical thread is an easy fix.
Nearside wiper blade doesn't wipe fully, another easy fix.
Windscreen washers only squirt out of one of the dual holes both sides, again an easy fix.
Only one question at the moment, does the fuel gauge have a low level reserve light, not that it's a problem if it hasn't.

I don't know how to post pictures here yet but here is a link to the original sellers ad, if it works.
Thanks for looking.

Ohh, and should the electric mirrors and light leveller dials illuminate.
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11 Jan 2018 23:23 #188295 by MadsV
Replied by MadsV on topic First impressions.
Congrats! Fuel gauge has no light. I always reset my trip and know aprox how many kms i can go, and when the gauge is at empty i can start noticing in turns when the end is near. Often I can barely get to the pump haha, think its a inner competition on how long I can wait

Norwegian 01 Jimny
2” Trail Master
215/75-15 -15 offset wheels

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12 Jan 2018 01:00 #188296 by mlines
Replied by mlines on topic Re:First impressions.
When low on fuel the Jimny alerts you by the ignition warning light and charging light coming on along with a marked drop in engine noise

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2003 M13 early KAP build.
3" Trailmaster lift with 1.5 Spacers on front
Customised winch bumper and roll cage
235/85R16 Maxxis Bighorns on 16" Rims, 4:1 Rocklobster, Rear ARB locker and on-board air
Corrected arms all-round, rear disks, Recaro seats and harnesses

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