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jonplace jimny build so far

03 Apr 2010 18:49 - 03 Apr 2010 18:53 #3024 by jonplace
Thought I’d put a few pics on how the little jimny is coming along. I’ve had it for just over a year now and I’ve stuck a few bits and bobs on it. It’s not a heavily modified car compared to others. Externally it’s still fairly standard but there’s few bits underneath that help.
When I bought the car it already had a decent 2” lift kit fitted. It went well with this lift and mud tyres, but as always I got bitten by the bug and wanted to take it further ! my mechanical and 4x4 knowledge is pretty basic but thankfully I’ve got a few mates that are pretty clued up :laugh:

(click on pictures for full size version)

Car as I bought it

The car seemed to struggle with grounding out due to the 26” tyres not providing enough axle clearance. The idea was to put 29” tyres on and reduce the gearing to suit. So a few month later I fitted a rob storr 4:1 rock lobster box with heavy duty fitting kit. Superb piece of kit this, very well engineered. Cost a few quid mind.

Next it was the 8000lb champion winch. Round to friends to get a tray welded in. I just went for a budget champion winch in the end as it was just for self recovery and needed to be small and light. It’s never gonna win any winch challenges but its recovered the little motor a few times no problem. Uses synth rope.

Electrics and isolator tucked away under bonnet, the winch works from a wireless controller which is mounted behind the dash

Second battery mounted in the boot. Secured to body of car

Most recent addition is the kam rear locker. pretty expensive this but should make big difference.
Axle off

Again got this professional welded and fitted

Heavy duty half shalfs and new bearings all part of the kit

The locker is wired to the rear demister switch which isn’t used on the softtop jimnys. This avoided the need to cut holes in the dash. The light is wired to a microswitch inside the diff casing so it will only illuminate when the locker has fully locked.

You can see the hand throttle below which is got from this site. Very simple and very effective for things like hill starts and rock crawling where you need steady throttle control

May stick a 4 point cage on it this year but that’s it for now
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03 Apr 2010 19:25 #3025 by maverick
whereabouts are you?

Jalapeño, IISY?

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03 Apr 2010 19:29 #3026 by jonplace
sunderland mate

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04 Apr 2010 20:19 #3032 by ooky_123
Wow .. love the transfer box. I need one of those too but dont have the time or skills to get the bits, or fabricate the mountings & fit it. :(

Former owner of Little "Ooky", who has now started a new life in Shetland

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  • darthloachie
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26 Apr 2010 19:02 #3251 by darthloachie
Replied by darthloachie on topic Re:jonplace jimny build so far
Hey good update - have you been out in it since the rocklobster and diff lock was fitted - must be unstoppable now! B)

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26 Apr 2010 19:51 #3255 by jonplace
aye been out a few times, will creep over most stuff now with very little effort. nice to have the selectable locker as i mainly do trials these days and a locker can sometimes be a hinderance for tight turns
ooky > the Tbox case is a rob storr product, cost about £300 if i remember rightly. i know its a a few quid, but its something i dont have to worry about at all. i dont have the time, equipment or talent to make stuff like that :laugh:

done a trial on sunday and got 2nd place, narrowly missed 1st. unfortunately a mate rolled his jimny. it was caged. we got it back on all fours and off it went like nothing had happend

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27 Apr 2010 06:38 #3265 by kirkynut
I'm looking forward to my Rocklobster being done now, just got to wait a few months for it to be ready and then obviusly fit it!!

I hear those KAM heavy duty rear half shafts seperate so that you can take the end of the shaft off and push the bearing off, saving you the hassle of having to keep cutting off the retaining ring. I can see the nut on yours.

What a brilliant idea - worth getting the shafts for alone - especially as you get new bearings with them!!

With a rear disc conversion, rear bearings would take no time at all!!!


The underdog often starts the fight, and occasionally the upper dog deserves to win - Edgar Watson Howe.

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17 Mar 2012 19:12 #35742 by jonplace
got some rocksliders simple box section, just had to cut some of the plastic trim away but they fit level with the chassis, i dont have a body lift on mine, can get more pics if anyone thinking of doing any
other pics below show the rob storr tbox case

looking towards the rear

looking towards the front

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  • adamjimny
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17 Mar 2012 21:08 #35763 by adamjimny
Replied by adamjimny on topic Re: jonplace jimny build so far
Pics and sizes of rocksliders would be top pal

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