BigJimnyMeet (North) 2024 (12 Jan 2024)

BigJimnyMeet 2024

14th July 2024
Parkwood Nr. Leeds

Booking now open - Discount for additional vehicles

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11 Jan 2024 10:23 #253427 by lesgrandepotato
Oops… was created by lesgrandepotato
So with the SJ out of action, I took Claire’s Jimmy on the red rose green lane run in the lakes. 
Good day out, but at the bottom of the fox trying to weave between some big boulders I dropped down on the drivers side and had a bit of a crunch. 
The upshot to this is that the door no longer opens properly… the leading edge is catching on the wing. Any thoughts on what’s bent and how to release it? Have yet to pull off the trim and see what’s going down. 

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11 Jan 2024 10:34 #253428 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Oops…
It's. Very difficult to say without seeing the vehicle or understanding what got thumped as you dropped in the hole. The easiest bit to move would be the wing in my opinion as it's bolted on. After that it gets more expensive and difficult to correct. 
So how are the panel gaps around the wing and front, is it possible it's moved back towards the door? Hopefully it's not the vehicle frame that's moved. 

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11 Jan 2024 10:37 #253429 by Roger Fairclough
Replied by Roger Fairclough on topic Oops…
I assume that most of the prang was centered on the front wing that has been pushed back to jam against the door. Hopefully this crunch has not affected the "A" pillar. Some pics would be helpful.


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11 Jan 2024 11:06 #253430 by yakuza
Replied by yakuza on topic Oops…
I bent the front outrigger on a SJ once, tied it to a block of concrete and backed up until it was "straight".
Not so easy on the Jimny as the body has more panels and plastic. Probably you bumped the front cowl up and back and it should be yanked forward.
If you are lucky you can adjust the fender enough to cover it. depends on all the other gaps as said before here.

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