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Gen 3 idle blips and cylinder misfire

02 Oct 2023 00:54 #251129 by JC1990
Hi all, looking for some troubleshooting advice on my gen 3 (06 VVT AUTO).

Issue: intermediate blip at idle. Feels like a misfire and generally no impact to rpm on tachometer. Sometimes (rarely) develops into more significant misfire issue and stalling. Effects cylinders 2 and 3.

Previous fix attempts: car was throwing codes for air/fuel sensor (headers) and TPS. Both have been replaced. I've also replaced the airfilter and PCV valve and troubleshooting exercises. 

Observations: no milkiness in oil and coolent appears clear and full. Given this and that its an intermittent issue i dont think its head gasket. Photos of spark plugs attached, seem ok, maybe a little hot and there is a little oil in the chamber.

Theories: fueling issue, ecu issue

Not sure if it's linked to the ecu engine stalling bulletin recently posted.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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02 Oct 2023 07:48 #251132 by DrRobin
Agreed your plugs look fine.

The list can be long and always harder to find when it doesn’t do it all of the time, here are some suggestions

- dirty throttle body or sticking butterfly/air slide
- water in the fuel
- crack in one of the ignition coils
- weak electrical system/low battery (charge battery to check)
- poor earth
- MAF sensor
- low fuel pressure or blocked injector
- crank position sensor

2020 blue SZ5 (one of the last to be registered in the UK)
Ex 2011 Blue Jimny SZ4
Northumberland Jimny Blog

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  • rogerzilla
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02 Oct 2023 08:39 - 02 Oct 2023 09:24 #251136 by rogerzilla
Replied by rogerzilla on topic Gen 3 idle blips and cylinder misfire
Get a s/h guaranteed coil pack for 2 and 3 and try that.  There's one on eBay for £14.40.
Last edit: 02 Oct 2023 09:24 by rogerzilla.

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07 Oct 2023 13:20 #251241 by JC1990
Thanks Both. I think I'm going to try fuel pump and injectors, see if that makes a difference. Not sure if previous owners always ran on 95+.

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