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Death wobble

28 Jan 2023 03:23 #247215 by Leninelmejor
Death wobble was created by Leninelmejor
Hi guys. My name is lenin, I am from Mexico and I am the proud owner of a 2022 jimny jb74. Well, my jimny has a 4 inches lift kit, all the parts are new, good branded and in great condition, I've taken my car to 4 different mechanics and all agreed that the suspension kit is installed in the right way. The problem my car has is the death wobble, i can't go over 30-40kph and the wobble appears, and going downhill or passing road imperfections makes it worse. I've tried everything. The tyres I use are size 235/75 At. Anyone in this forum can provide me an advice, please? Some suspension/direction part I'm missing to check it  out or replace with a better one. Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.

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28 Jan 2023 06:18 #247216 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Death wobble
Welcome to the forum. First things first first. Have you had the tyres balanced correctly with the wheels attached via the bolt holes rather than the more often used cones through the centre bore, this makes a difference as where the cones touch the wheel is not a true machined surface and therefore can give very different balance each time it's on the machine.

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28 Jan 2023 09:51 #247218 by minsanity
Replied by minsanity on topic Re:Death wobble
Look for a shop w/ Hunter RoadForce Balancing Equipment. Start there.

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28 Jan 2023 10:06 #247219 by Roger Fairclough
Replied by Roger Fairclough on topic Death wobble
Hi Lenin.
Firstly, don't worry about your English, I have been on a lot of forums where our own people can't write properly!
If you can, beg borrow or steal a set of original wheels/tyres and see if that improves things. If it does, and to what extent it does, we can eliminate entirely your new wheel /tyre combination. If it reduces the problem, then have the balance checked as suggested by Lambert. IMHO, a 4" lift is more than we, in the UK, would normally fit as it will promote weird handling problems, a 2" lift being the maximum we would normally go for. Your lift will put your caster angle out of spec. so I would check with the people who supplied/fitted the kit that steps were taken to bring the caster angle back within specs.


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28 Jan 2023 11:59 #247224 by 300bhpton
Replied by 300bhpton on topic Death wobble
Hate to say it. But it’s probably the lift kit. Is that the steering arm at an odd angle? What else has been done to correct or preserve suspension geometry. 

A lot of work, but if removing the lift (maybe even just swap the springs to standard height) solves the issue. Then that is your culprit. 

Do you have a link to lift kit you installed? I’d guess it maybe is lacking some engineering refinement. 

4” of lift is a LOT. 

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28 Jan 2023 15:52 #247235 by fordem
Replied by fordem on topic Death wobble
First question - does the lift kit include caster correction?
Second question - what is the current caster angle?

"Wobble of death" has many possible causes, but the primary one is worn components, which on a 2022 Jimny is unlikely, caster is critical, and because of the extreme lift you have installed, there is a very high probability that that is where it's coming from on your car.

If the kit includes caster correction, is it enough for four inches of lift - caster correction can take different forms, offset bushes can be used with "smaller lifts", for four inches of lift, you'll probably need custom radius arms.

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