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Gen4 LCV to SZ5 spec

30 Sep 2022 16:18 - 30 Sep 2022 19:01 #245243 by Motacilla
Hello Jimny experts!I am getting ready to buy a new Jimny LCV, and I have some questions for you band of brothers.Specifically, I would like to add some SZ5 features to the LCV, so I want to determine what one can bolt on. Below is what I have seen so far in my hours of reading through old posts on this forum. Please correct me if I am wrong on any point, or if you see a model difference that I did not notice!

In no particular order:

1) Headunit / radio: Is it correct that the SZ5 version, with the full color touchscreen and Android/Apple support, is a straight replacement for the basic radio in the LCV? Is all wiring present for it to be fully functional?  

2) Speakers: Someone on the forum noted that the rear seat speakers are now used for the emergency calling (“E-Call”) function. Is this easy to change if I change the headunit per item 1 above?  

3) Climate controls: It appears that it might be complex to replace the basic AC/fan controls of the LCV with the temperature-set controls of the SZ5. So, I do not plan to try this. Besides which I think I prefer the manual version.  

4) Steering wheel: The SZ5 is leather, the LCV is rubberized. I assume this is a straight bolt-on.  

5) Other dashboard differences: The SZ5 has chrome-look trim rings around the side air vents, while the LCV’s vent trims are plain. I assume this is a straight bolt-on. I’m not aware of any other dashboard differences, let me know if I have missed any.  

6) Heated seats: A lot of online commenters have said that the LCV does not come with heated seats, but in my country at least (far northern Europe) it does, so no differences there that I am aware of.  

7) Exterior door handles: SZ5 are body color, LCV are plain black. I assume this is a straight bolt-on.  

8) LED headlamps: LCV are halogens, but I suspect that replacing them with diode lights is much more complicated than just changing out the factory light assemblies.  I am under the impression that the LED units are self-leveling, for example, and I guess there might be wiring differences related.  Can anyone (ahem) shed light on this?  

9) Rear seats/load area: Much discussed here. Long story short, I am not interested in rear seats, which is good because it looks like they cannot be added without some body pan mods anyway, according to a few posts here in the forum.  

10) Alloy wheels: I might want some for summer use. Anyone got a set laying around?

11) Headlamp squirters: The physical components of course can be fitted, but is this ruled out because of a firmware difference?

Thank you for any comments you may have on the above, and please let me know if I have left out any differences between models.  Apologies in advance if these are dumb questions.

Cheers all!
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01 Oct 2022 21:48 #245269 by DennisJimny
Replied by DennisJimny on topic Gen4 LCV to SZ5 spec
Hi I have a new Uk spec LCV, also have done some upgrades above in the last few weeks,
I have added heated seats but used a Brit part heated seat kit as I had used one before fairly easy to do with some basic wiring knowledge supply came from fuse 15
Rear speakers the e call system is not in the back so it was a plug and play with a kit …upgrade the front speakers as well
Radio got a system from sigma car radio …fits exactly and is the same shape ….plug and play except you lose the original USB …I believe you can get this fixed with a connects 2 system but have not done it yet….now have wireless apple CarPlay and a reverse camera
Got a set of alloys off eBay and had them recoloured to Matt black
Finally check if your wing mirrors are heated ..if not you might want to change to the sZ5 ones which are …available from the big Jimny store

72 Plate Kinetic Yellow LCV, YokoYama Geolander AT, heated seats, Apple CarPlay,

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02 Oct 2022 08:29 #245271 by Motacilla
Replied by Motacilla on topic Gen4 LCV to SZ5 spec
That is very interesting, thank you for the details of your projects.  I wanted to original SZ5 style radio (Bosch?) because I want to fit the rear view camera, but perhaps it is better to go with an aftermarket radio and camera like you have done.

Good pointers on the rear speakers too.  I must have misunderstood some posts on the forum about the Ecall system.

I forgot about the heated mirrors.  My dealer is unclear on some of the details of the LCV so I will have to check that.  Heated everything is desirable where I live, for sure.

Sounds like you have a cool project going.  The alloy wheels would be very cool in black, post some photos if you get a chance.  Thanks again!

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