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Re:What's your thoughts on power and braking with the Jimny?

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18 Sep 2022 16:13 #245002 by Lambert
On the brake rollers mine is up in the 250kg per front wheel range and the rollers are skidding on the tyre. It would probably go higher if I ballasted it to improve the traction on the rollers. If you're one can't stop the wheel from turning you have a problem to diagnose which is probably the caliper sticking even if they are not binding.

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One of the last 200ish of the gen3s, probably.
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18 Sep 2022 16:51 - 18 Sep 2022 16:54 #245003 by Scimike
"Taking off from traffic lights, by the time I'm getting into 2nd gear other cars are generally up my arse or changing lanes to get past me."

That's the low first gear which is useful in a 4x4, but means that most euro box cars are still accelerating in the more road oriented first gear at the point you run out of revs. The gear selection is also a little slow, again in my opinion, which compounds the problem as you try for second gear.
I get around this in my Land Rover by pulling off in second gear, but unfortunately this doesn't work with the 1.3 Jimny, so you don't gain anything. Not saying it won't pull away in second, just that it's no quicker than pulling away in fist.
Not much you can do other than revving it to death in every gear away from the lights, which just about keeps you ahead of the bemused Euro box driver.
This makes for an uncomfortable journey, I find it better to just go with the flow and listen to some great music, they can get past when they can, not my problem.

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18 Sep 2022 17:22 #245004 by DrRobin
I swap between my Jimny and Boxster almost daily, the Jimny is definitely under powered, but I wouldn’t say my Jimny is under braked, for the weight and speed of the vehicle the brakes cope very well. I am sure that my Boxster would come to a stop in a shorter distance, but it doesn’t feel as though Jimny is much different.

I do note that yours is somewhat heavier than a standard Jimny so acceleration and braking is probably also longer.

As regards acceleration away from the lights, I have given up, ‘make em wait’ is my style of driving and if the want to drive up my arse and pass at a dangerous point they will get greeted with a choice word beginning with a T.


2011 Blue Jimny SZ4 morphing in to a 2020 SZ5 in the next week or so.

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18 Sep 2022 23:53 #245005 by Ron0z
Thanks for all your replies folks. You've given me plenty of reassurance and a few ideas. Much obliged to you.

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