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Best wheel size suspension and tyres for smallholding quadbike replacement Jimny

04 Oct 2020 23:00 #228801 by 300bhpton

DAGZOOK wrote:

Lambert wrote:

DAGZOOK wrote:
Hello and welcome :)

From what I've seen and read on the forum Insa Dakar or Insa Special track tyres are dirt cheap 4x4 remoulds that are suited to off road use. I agree with Lambert that a standard jimny in good mechanical order will get you anywhere.

Get yourself some Insa tyres (mentioned above) and if you're towing get some uprated standard ride height dampers (trailmaster or bistein B6) :cheer:

I would be very cautious of using any kind of aggressive remoulded tyre in wet road conditions and I would be quite anxious with a trailer on the back if I had any extreme terrain tyre remoulded or new. They are designed for digging through mud and expelling it in large lumps as efficiently as possible not for gripping wet tarmac when being pushed down the road by a trailer. They are also quite good at doing doughnuts in car parks. Allegedly. I have absolutely no personal experience of this at all. Honestly. Officer. :laugh:

I knew you were a 'hoonigan' Lambert as soon as you expressed an interest in orange wheels and jimny track days B). Yeah I'm just assuming from what the gent has said, he'll be using the jimny to get around his small holding off-road for the most part. In which case big fat cheap Insa tyres will be your best friend. They're readily available in 195/80/15 and other jimny friendly sizes.

I'd say fat tyres are exactly what they don't want on wet grassy slopes.

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  • The quickest Jimny in Harrogate...(that I own)
05 Oct 2020 04:16 #228807 by Lambert
when we bought our first spare Jimny it came with almost new simex copies so being new we decided to use them up before buying more. Dad had one trip to get a trailer full of hay so about 900kg total on the back and I followed with the jeep and big trailer. Even from my vantage point I could see it was struggling with some of the tight downhill bends we have here empty. Dad refused to drive it home so I had that pleasure. Within the week it had a set of bfg urban terrain.

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05 Oct 2020 12:07 #228822 by roughnready
Thanks for all your feedback. It looks like I can solve the problem without selling a kidney. Grazing land is to be repurposed as coppice wood, flower meadows for the bees and some campinlng, no livestock, but still don't want to carve it up. The All season tyres seem to travel on wet grass, but not convinced they are gripping much. Some challenging grass slopes to navigate. Might be best getting some 80/20 all terrain tyres and stear clear of the mudders for now. Will wait till we can afford a tractor before I do anything too hairy so I can get a tow when I bury it. Acres of bracken will be scythed and towed for composting, so your towing comments really useful .Will have to drive on in winter for the bracken cut and tow,so I'll need to pick my routes.
.Feel free to tell me if I've missed the point in all this. The big kid in me was after all the toys, but it sounds like they're not fit for purpose here.
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05 Oct 2020 12:16 #228824 by Scimike
No you have not missed the point.
You don't need all the toys unless you can't predict the terrain you will travel across, in your case you have seen it.
A Jimny with good tyres is a very capable vehicle, so save your money and see how it goes, adapt accordingly.

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05 Oct 2020 15:58 #228838 by DAGZOOK
You can pick up All terrain BFG K02 copy cat tyres made by INSA or KingPin that are dirt cheap. As said previously if this vehicle is going to be an agricultural work-horse primarily skipping around off-road then those tyres will look after your wallet and give you half decent performance.

(Insa 'Turbo Ranger' Tyres & KingPin 'all terrains')

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05 Oct 2020 17:13 #228844 by bryn
I have used standard size Insa Dakar and I’m at present using Insa Sahara both on and off road. A little noisy on road and very good off road, cheap reliable and not had a problem. If you do get them fitted then make sure they give the rims a good clean and buff.

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24 Feb 2021 17:45 #233233 by roughnready
OK, couldn't resist. Got 215/75/15 Insa Saharas on Jimny as just couldn't manage with existing all seasons . This vehicle hasn't seen a road in months and we are trying to establish limited tracks on site Won't rouble the grass we don't want it to. We have an old Xtrail for road and forest trails, basically 10 miles to supermarket and back as well as back up for the Jimny. On this we put the much tamer yet very impressive Insa Rangers and they have been awsome for the job (80/20s)
. Sadly I can't tell you how well the Saharas have done as front hubs have failed and now on second set of duffers from retailers. To make matters worse tried to dismantle old ones to put a 10mm plate in to lock on , but made a mess of dismantling one unit so the Jimny's laid up for now. Still smiling, but can't wait to test the hills.

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24 Feb 2021 18:08 #233235 by Busta
If you have a set of the original vacuum hubs to hand they are very easy to lock with this method. Any 20mm screw through the centre of the hub will do the same job.
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