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I've used the wrong coolant. Silicated...

03 Sep 2019 19:32 #213081 by Podge
So, in a recent water pump/accessory pump change I bought some coolant.

I've ended up buying the wrong type of coolant I think. The local motor factor took my reg and recommended me Comma g48. I was told this met the Suzuki specification when I asked if it was silicate free.

Lo and behold, I was told rubbish.

not a happy camper. I've a mind to go back and get a refund. Though with three near empty bottles, I don't see the point. So much for your local knowledgeable motor factor, I won't be back.

So after the Suzuki covering 1000 miles since the change, I'm hoping no lasting damage has been done...

Is Comma G30 the right one now? It's a pain in the arse finding silicate free coolant.

2000 M13A Jimny with hammerite wheels - Ireland :)

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03 Sep 2019 21:34 #213095 by Scimike
Yes it's G30 if you need silicate free.
Halfords own Pink OAT is also silicate free and made by Comma, if you download the cosh data sheet for both it's the same document.
Does depend upon vehicle age, early Jimny used Silicate (the 2 year blue stuff), later used OAT or HOAT (5 year) antifreeze.
I use the cheaper Halfords stuff, does what it says on the plastic bottle.

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26 Sep 2019 14:21 #213881 by Bosanek
You will need to perform a thorough flush of the coolant system, and that can be rather difficult to do as the heater block usually does not want to flush properly. Buy at least 15 liters of distilled water for the job and get some patience.

Read this wiki article as well.

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