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Starter motor problems

15 Mar 2013 11:15 #65735 by 2013gary
Hi all,

Just wondering if someone can give me some advice. The solenoid on my starter motor had been playing up for a while and the only way I could start the car was by gently tapping it with a hammer. This worked and I used the Jimny every couple of weeks like this. I recently bought a second-hand starter motor off eBay and replaced my old one, but the exact same thing is happening again. I turn the key, there is no sound at all and I have to climb underneath and tap it with a hammer.

Have I just been unlucky and replaced my faulty starter motor with another faulty one? Or could it be something else that's causing the problem. We've had some cold weather down here in the South East over the last few months, so could it just be freezing or something? I don't know much about starter motors and don't want to buy a brand new one unless I know I have to.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


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15 Mar 2013 12:48 #65746 by ooky_123
Replied by ooky_123 on topic Starter motor problems
Ive killed many starter motors, due to fording muddy rivers and puddles.
They are a swine to remove, but you can maintain them to a point.
I used to just wash them out with a solvent like WD40 / EZstart. eventually though they would just pack up.
One company I used was from Yorkshire way, they sold me a new one for about £120 .. details should be on the forum if you search back enough, this one was superb, and even after leaving it submerged in muddy water for over 45 minutes when I was stuck, she eventually was coaxed back to life.

From experience too, many people get the Jimny starter confused with the SJ starters, These are completely different, and will not fit!.

Former owner of Little "Ooky", who has now started a new life in Shetland

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  • vitara_mad
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15 Mar 2013 17:07 #65784 by vitara_mad
Replied by vitara_mad on topic Starter motor problems
vitara starter fits the sohc jimny & as that starter fits the sj 1.3 i don't see why a starter from a sj won't fit

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15 Mar 2013 20:34 #65817 by j999pre
Replied by j999pre on topic Starter motor problems
Could it be a bad connection on the spade connector? I had issues like that and crimping a new connector on solved it.

Next time you get the hammer out give the firing wire a little tweak first.

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