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My Jimny learned the hard way that it's not a submarine. Go figure.

17 Jun 2023 14:13 #249540 by roughnready
Last winter my 2004 Jimny got stuck on a steep mud track at home. Waited until it dried out and then towed out with a big excavator (battery flat). Atleast that was the plan. One man job, no one at the wheel, all 3 new tow ropes snapped (2 rated at 10 tons) and she ran backwards down the long steep slope and sank to the bottom of my 2m deep wildlife pond at the bottom. Hmmm. Finally got her out by draining the pond + new tow ropes. Too busy to fix at the time, so left to dry out. I could really use her now. Lets assume that you're all groaning about the bozo who trusted ebay tow ropes and tried to do it all by himself, but that said I would welcome some suggestions as to where to start. I'm guessing fuel system wants draining and the starter motor will be goosed. Any other helpful suggestions welcome. Dashboard lights up now battery charged atleast.
Thank for any constructive comments and wise ass ones if you see fit.


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17 Jun 2023 14:53 #249541 by monstarghs
dont forget oil change for the engine, gearbox, transfer case, and front and rear diff

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17 Jun 2023 16:20 #249542 by jackonlyjack
Remove sparkplugs and check for water on top of pistons
Also drain exhaust if needed 
Good luck 
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17 Jun 2023 16:20 #249543 by Scimike
^^^wots been said. Give it a service (cheap as chips oil etc) and change the oils and filters / air filter. Take the plugs out and shove some oil down the bores and turn it over (if it will), then try to start it. If runs change the oil and filter for something better, if it don't deal with each issue one at a time. Good luck.

Yokohama Geolanders, Sony head unit, NAUTILUS Air Horn, DRL conversion, Rear cargo space, Elvis Bobblehead, transfer Guard, Indian hanging Elephant, Koni Heavy track dampers, Custom SS exhaust, Voodoo Doll, Adventure Rack with LED ight bar, vintage ERIBA caravan usually attached (yes it's slow)

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20 Jun 2023 13:32 - 20 Jun 2023 13:33 #249565 by Motacilla
What do you intend to do with the Jimny when/if you get it operating again? Pulling a cart around the farm has a different level of requirements vs using it on the open road.

As others have said, all your fluids will be contaminated. (I would add hydraulic fluid to the list, as your brake reservoir is now half full of pond water.) Your engine likely has water in it; even if the motor's not ruined, your intake system certainly is full of residues and should be cleaned before you try turning it over. And that is assuming your electrics are still functional, which would be somewhat surprising.  This is in addition to all the other things already mentioned by others.

Personally, I think it is very long odds that a car completely submerged in dirty water would be roadworthy again without a nut-and-bolt rebuild. But I suppose there is a chance you could get it functioning well enough to be a farm vehicle, maybe. Good luck to you.
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20 Jun 2023 17:13 #249567 by roughnready
~Just to get about our mountain small hold. Was already an MOT failure the year before. It's cold and drafty up here in winter so Jimny seemed a better proposition than a quad bike. I'll give a it a go with some of the suggestions and maybe not hold my brteath. Thanks. Will let you know if she purrs, or perhaps bubbles again.

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