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16" EVO CORSE DAKARZERO - any problems to look out for?

21 Aug 2022 08:05 #244665 by Phooey
Whilst looking at aftermarket wheels I've grown very fond of the Evo Corse in 16". Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to these yet so plenty of time to look at other options.. but is there any cons to these wheels (with 215/70/16 tyres) on a standard 2022 LCV?


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21 Aug 2022 15:33 #244671 by fordem
Hard to be certain without knowing the offset of the Evo Corse, but at a glance, I doubt there will be any issues with the tire making unwanted contact with anything.

Having said that, I'm fairly certain the larger heavier tire will have a negative impact on acceleration, and quite possibly on braking.

My Jimny is a 2021 - it came with, I believe, Dunlop tires in the stock 195/80R15 size on alloy rims, which were switched for General Grabber A/TX in a 215/75R15 size - just under an inch wider, and half an inch taller - not a huge difference in terms of height, (actually less than the difference between a new tire & a worn tire), so not enough to have any significant impact on gearing.

The additional weight of the wider tire, located some ten inches or so away from the center of rotation requires more torque to get it rotating, and more brake to stop it - the impact of my 215/75 tire on acceleration was enough to be noticed, not huge, but noticeable - on a 16" rim, you're pushing the rotating weight even further away, it's going to be more noticeable.

I cannot say at what point the impact on braking will become an issue, if ever, but I've had problems with it on other vehicles, so I recognize it is a possible cause for concern, and I have a list of parts, rotors, calipers, etc., that might be options for a brake upgrade if it becomes necessary.

I'm not certain what the differences between the stock Jimny and the LCV are as far as the engine goes, the LCV may be detuned which could mean the larger tire has a greater impact - the Jimny is not a "hot rod" so it may not be an issue for you.
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22 Aug 2022 06:40 - 22 Aug 2022 06:44 #244682 by Phooey
Great info fordem - thank you

I believe engine power is the same. I have heard of issues of decreased mpg etc with bigger/wider/heavier tyres so this is a consideration. But I also bought (buying!) the Jimny to hopefully mod so I guess it's something I'll have to put up with. If I do decide to go with these wheels (still undecided) I might just buy 4 and keep the OEM steel/Bridgstone Dueller as the spare - won't look as good but will save some money!

edited to add - to save £120 would I be daft to buy and use the tyres and wheels without the TPMS? I can of course re-use the TPMS on the OEM wheels but that would mean buying the bits individually and having them made up at home. I can buy the wheels online with the tyres fitted and balanced so simply just a swap job... mmmmm
Last edit: 22 Aug 2022 06:44 by Phooey.

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22 Aug 2022 13:57 #244687 by fordem
Increased fuel consumption with wider/heavier tires is expected. I suspect that is the reason Suzuki fits the tires they do at the factory - why else would they put a highway tread pattern on a vehicle designed to excel off the highway?

Suzuki supplies the Jimny Safari with four 215/75R15 Maxxis all terrains and a 195/80R15 spare - as I mentioned before, the difference in height is less than you would get between a new tire & a worn one. Your proposed 215/70R16 will increase that difference in height.

Personally, on a 4x4, I like to keep all five wheels the same size, and whenever possible the same tread pattern - running a smaller spare is permissible in 2WD and for short distances - essentially to the nearest tire repair center. If driving to the nearest tire repair center involves the use of 4WD you can find yourself in trouble, and if the drive involves a few hundred kilometers, the probability of drive train wear & damage becomes a consideration.

Yes - I carry tire repair tools & an air compressor any time I am off paved roads - I may also carry two spares depending on where I'm going...

I won't comment on TPMS other than to say none of my vehicles have it - and I'm happy that way - it would be a constant nag on a long trip - it's not unusual for me to be running with less than 20 psi, and sometimes as low as 12.

Sometimes I wonder how did we ever get by without the electronics in todays' cars, and do they actually make a car safer - is AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) really an advantage? Speaking as a person who was T-boned by a drunk driver running a red light in a Mercedes fitted with AEB, I'm certainly not impressed.

There's a tire pressure gauge in the glove box of every one of my vehicles, it takes less than 10 minutes to check the pressure in the tires.
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23 Aug 2022 07:10 #244694 by Phooey
Thanks again fordem for the great reply and info

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