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Exhaust hangers

07 Aug 2021 11:47 - 07 Aug 2021 11:49 #237363 by mickt
Exhaust hangers was created by mickt
On both the Jimny and now our new to us 2008 Vitara I have found the exhaust hangers corroded to the point of no longer connected to the exhaust pipes. Now the exhaust pipes themselves are sound on both vehicles but the spigots are corroding at the weld connections. Why is that I wonder? In the Jimnys case I had the exhaust system removed so repairing that was quite easy. But in the Vitaras case we need it working so it is a tad more awkward to repair. Anybody else come across this?   
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07 Aug 2021 14:15 #237367 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Exhaust hangers
Not recently but I had similar issues with my defender. For the cost of some new hardware it was simpler to remove the exhaust and work on it comfortably.

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07 Aug 2021 14:47 - 07 Aug 2021 14:48 #237368 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Exhaust hangers
Yes a bit with our Jimny. The first hanger on the first section after the CAT had completely corroded away. I made a bolt on repair section using an exhaust U clamp as the mount rather than welding on my back. This was later followed by wasting and cracking of the rear silencer mount, causing the exhaust to hit the body on rough roads.
Fixed all this by having a custom made stainless steel CAT back system a few weeks ago, should see my Jimny out!

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07 Aug 2021 21:59 #237378 by HUN
Replied by HUN on topic Exhaust hangers
Exhausts are never painted because they get very hot during normal operation. Bare steel will rust over time as we all know. But welds are always corrode faster than the base steel.
Here is why (Google):
'The weld metal compositions are usually optimized to enhance their mechanical properties; this makes them more anodic than the base steel, causing them to corrode at higher rates compared to their base metal'

Before fitting new exhaust system I always spay them with heat resistant paint (up to 650C) so they last longer than untreated ones.  

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10 Aug 2021 19:29 #237474 by mickt
Replied by mickt on topic Exhaust hangers
You can paint them and there is a brand designed for them. Heat resistant to 560 C. I have and have had all makes of cars and these are the only ones I have had this problem with!

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