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Indicator bleeper on 2019 Gen4

21 Jul 2021 15:12 #236849 by TFL
I have just purchased a 2019 Gen4 Jimny. I have noted in Forum how the bleeper for the ignition key can be deactivated and will attempt to follow procedure. However as a wearer or 2 hearing aids which are very sensitive to electronic bleeps I find the indicator bleeper is too loud. My dealer has removed the binnacle inc speedo etc to investigate and says the bleeper is in a sealed unit and not accessible. Does anyone know how to reduce the sound (not kill it)? I don't know how it is configured or whether wrapping in acoustic material would be an option.? All suggestions welcome. From TFL (UK)

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21 Jul 2021 16:32 #236850 by Gadget
Unfortunately not, I find the indicator 'tic' annoyingly loud as well, but I've not seen any way to reduce the volume.

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21 Jul 2021 16:55 #236852 by lookonimages
I would also like to know how to quiet it down

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21 Jul 2021 19:52 #236855 by CC Baxter
Let me direct you to this.
I followed this myself but in the end I removed the rattle discs from the piezos, now totally silent and I could probably refit the discs if needed.
Thanks to Jimnyz. Chris

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22 Jul 2021 04:04 #236859 by Jimnyz
Hi, yes, use the link above to visit my post about it.

I did this modification but took no pictures, sorry. The two piezo beepers are on the back of the instrument cluster and required the cluster panel to be removed and disassembled. Using a thin piece of sticky tape over the beepers was a bit too quiet still, so I pulled it apart again and put half a dozen pinholes through the tape to let more beeps through.

The removal of the cluster is relatively easy to do. The disassembly of it to get to the beepers is very delicate work and I had a really clean area to work in, but it can be done if you are careful. The scariest parts are removing needles and the bezels from the Speedo and rev counter. The needles just pull off and then the bezels unclip. This lets you access the screws that hold the cluster together.

Putting it back together requires a little patience to get the needles back in the right place. You need to put them on loosely and turn them anticlockwise until they both reach zero. Then carefully push them fully in place.

I'm getting a new Jimny soon so will take pictures and post them here when I perform the mod again!

Cheers, Mike


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