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Should I buy a Jimny

08 Nov 2019 14:09 #215470 by ChainsawMatt
Hi! Been lurking around here for a while. I've always had a fond eye on the Jimny (even though I sat in the Land Rover camp for many years).

Recently sold my Polaris sportsman quad, and now needing something to chuck my chainsaw gear in the back of from time to time, pull a small trailer, drive through the odd woodland, and generally bimble about in with the family and not care to much about it being super clean and so on. This isn't going to do any serious off roading, and probably at most will get slightly bigger tyres to help with woodland ground clearance. It will be a 2nd or 3rd car

I've been looking on auto trader for a while, and found a few really nice looking JLX+ models with up to 70k miles, but having checked their MOTs finding serious body corrosion advisories that have put me off. I don't really want to do anything apart from odd routine maintenance.

Ideally want to spend no more than £5k... Am I likely to find anything at this price point without a horrendous pending repair bill?

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  • Riccy
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  • J999 MNY Bashing around Carlisle
08 Nov 2019 19:35 #215473 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic Should I buy a Jimny
I have one for sale :whistle:

Bit over-specced for your requirements perhaps

J999 MNY, ULYSSES M18 VVT with ITB's Dyno tested at 130hp

Pickup/tipper, R7me gearbox & 4.3 Rocklobster, 31" Toyo MT, 2x ARB 3.9 diffs in braced axles, 6" total lift, Floating rear conversion, Raptor painted, CB, Recaro's, Caged, etc, etc...


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  • Lambert
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  • The quickest Jimny in Harrogate...(that I own)
08 Nov 2019 20:16 #215477 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Should I buy a Jimny
I would think that with persistence it is possible to find a tidy Jimny for your budget. I farm with mine as a sensible alternative to a side by side quad and it's brilliant, ok I don't have rear seats so I can get loads of anything in the back but your use sounds very similar to mine and there's nothing out there that comes close to the Jimny. Oh and once you have driven one for a few miles it will start to work it's way up to first car status in no time!

Dreadnaught (black 2011)

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08 Nov 2019 20:18 - 08 Nov 2019 20:22 #215478 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Should I buy a Jimny
Jimny's are great fun and are in essence a small Defender (or is the Defender a large Jimny?), but with none of the potential Land Rover reliability issues. They average 36 mpg (in standard form) and can be used as your daily drive (as is ours), towing 500kg with no issues considering it's only got a 1.3 engine. It can tow more (braked), but personally I think it's starting to push the comfort limits.

So yes a great fun vehicle that is easy to maintain - go and get one.

However as you have identified rust is the biggest potential problem. The good news is that not all Jimny's rust to the same degree, and if they do it tends to be in the same spots. Below the front headlamps, body to chassis mounting point is spot number 1, followed equally by the sills and remaining body mounting points. You can see the rot, so it's easy to find.
You can find perfect ones and rotten examples of the same age, so keep looking, good ones do exist.

It took me months to find one I was happy with, and I traveled many miles in doing so. So keep looking and good luck.

Edit - As Lambert I have thrown out the rear seats to give a large rear load area. It also means I don't have to offer lifts to groups of friends who are too drunk to drive after the (soon to happen) Christmas party.
Last edit: 08 Nov 2019 20:22 by Scimike.

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08 Nov 2019 22:14 #215488 by ChainsawMatt
Replied by ChainsawMatt on topic Should I buy a Jimny
Thanks guys, was starting to lose heart and wondering if a softer tank (x5, old disco) might be in order, but the crippling costs of maintenance on those scares me! So knowing it’s possible is great, thanks!

7” lift! Where ya going the moon? My disco had a 2” lift and it was hard to keep in a straight line!

The Jimny needs to be suitable for mrs matt to to drive, so really as standard as poss apart from some grippy rubber. She has a silly convertible, the Jimny would have more boot space! Back seats will stay as I have a nine year old too

Don’t care about mpg as it won’t do many miles. My other car is a 320bhp 3 litre, and since I got a job 3 miles from my house that too mostly sits on the drive waiting Friday takeaway run (I ride bicycle to the office). The quad in the last year did 40 miles!

Not afraid of welding as such, after all I had a disco, 110 and 90. You learn to weld or you are rich! Just being middle aged I don’t relish lying on my back in puddles on the drive. Oh that and I accidentally set fire to the disco welding!

I’m probably being fussy but want leather and aircon.

Please keep your eyes open for me, I’m in north Hampshire.

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