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NOTE: This is for members and their private sales/wants.
There are rules that suppliers have to follow (and many of you do follow the rules). However there have been a number of instances recently where "suppliers" have broken the rules.

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Wanted - my first jimny!

04 May 2022 19:22 #243216 by katyjimny
Hello there,

Looking to purchase my first ever car, the jimny!  hoping someone can steer me in the right direction of where to go, or better if anyone has an offer. 

looking forward to hearing from you. 

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04 May 2022 20:09 #243217 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic Wanted - my first jimny!
Hi and welcome,
The Jimny can be an elusive vehicle to find, so you may need to travel to find one.
​​Good start asking on here, but the internet listings of dealers / private sales, Autotrader, Gumtree etc are the way to go.
Don't purchase blind, always try to see and drive the vehicle.
Rust is the main concern on the Jimny, so after 10 years old start to take a good look for rot.
Unless you want an "off road special" I would avoid any with suspension lifts or modifications, your insurance will be bad enough before you tell them about the changes from standard.
Good luck, hope you get one, great choice for a first vehicle.

Yokohama Geolanders, Sony head unit, NAUTILUS Air Horn, DRL conversion, Rear cargo space, Elvis Bobblehead, transfer Guard, Indian hanging Elephant, Koni Heavy track dampers, Custom SS exhaust, Voodoo Doll, Adventure Rack with LED ight bar, vintage ERIBA caravan usually attached (yes it's slow)

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05 May 2022 09:22 #243221 by DrRobin
Replied by DrRobin on topic Wanted - my first jimny!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Jimnys. They are great cars, but as Mike has pointed out do have a few problems, especially with rust, but depending on how much you want to spend that might not be a problem.

So that leads me on to a few questions, if you don't mind?

Where are you located? Just a rough idea so that a member can help you locate a Jimny in your area or at least a recommendation of where to look.

What is you budget? Suzuki have made Jimnys for a lot of years, prices of the latest generation were £19k when new, but low mileage models are currently selling for as much as £30k.

I bought a late 2011 model two and half years ago from a dealer, it was about £7k, but price rises now mean that the same car sold today by a dealer would probably be nearer £8 to £9k, prices are just crazy at the moment.

If you are buying a 10+ year old car I would suggest trying to take someone along with you who knows what to look for on these vehicles, they will know where they rust and know what to look for with the transmission and 4x4.

Look in the BigJimny Wiki for details of the common problems. There are a few of buyers guides on the web, I used one before purchasing, but can't remember which one, it might have been this one


Note the price guide is very out of date.

Finally, you can check the MOT status of any car over 3 years old, just go to www.gov.uk/check-mot-status and put the registration in. Walk away from anything that has long lists of defects, no matter how good the car looks on top.

If you find one and are unsure, post the details on here (link to the ad), someone will be able to look at it and tell you what they think.

Hope that helps and good luck.


2011 Blue Jimny SZ4 morphing in to a 2020 SZ5 in the next week or so.

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