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14/10/11 - Putting the Panhard back together..

The first job is to sort out the Panhard Rods.

First a new set of Panhard Rod Bushes, thanks to Dave from Bits4Vits I have these available through the BigJimny Store


Here is the bolt from the old bushes, surprisingly it looks ok once its cleaned up.

I ran an old wheel nut on and off to help clean it up further

The end of the Rod had taken a pounding before it fell apart. I had to tap it back to shape with a hammer.

Then its out with the press and in with the bushes.


Proper Job!

Then I ran the bolt in and out and checked it tightened nicely to prove that the thread on the captive bolt is ok

Then it was a matter of aligning it all up and tightening up. I coated the bolts with Loctite Thread locker this time to prevent it shaking loose.



22/10/11 - Replacing the Wing
09/10/11 - Time for more work!