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29/02/08 - Winch Wiring - Under bonnet.

The previous winch wiring article created a switch panel and a wiring loom that runs through to under the bonnet.

Now the winch equipment needs installing under the bonnet.


I wanted to separate the solenoid from the winch to create a neater installation. Looking under the bonnet I needed to make some space.

Picture of Solenoid location

The picture above shows the inner wing where the washer bottle fits. There is a small amount of space between the washer bottle and the front of the car and another small space behind it.

Therefore the simple solution is to move the washer bottle backwards leaving the maximum space to the front. I then mounted the solenoid pack between the washer bottle and the front of the car. I also had to lower the water exansion bottle by bending the mount.

Washer Bottle relocation

The overview picture then gives a good idea of how this all fits together.

Overview on bonnet

I also created a mounting box for the winch isolating switch as the high current to the winch needs isolating for safety reasons. So why is the switch under the bonnet? Winching is not a hurried activity as it can be dangerous. Typically you will have stopped to assess the situation, spool out the cable, engage the winch clutch etc. therefore having to open the bonnet is not an issue, in fact if you are recovering someone else then it is recommended practice as the bonnet acts as a further sheild for anyone inside the car.

Isolating switch

The cabling for the winch is then wired back to a junction box, I intend to run the winch and all accessories off of the second battery so the junction box acts as a power distribution point. The picture below shows the box mounted on the bulkhead between the new fuse box and the new relays from the previous wiring write-up.

Junction Box

This then wires into a split charge system, which warrants a write up of its own - see HERE.

In the boot, the second battery mounts into the tray I repaired in this ARTICLE.

Second Battery

The key issue with mounting the battery in the boot is that the explosive fumes generated by charging may fill the car. The battery I have has vent holes on either end, I plugged these with screen wash tube and then fed this to the outside of the car. The tube can be seen in the picture below.

terminal connector

Finally extra protection is needed to prevent anything shorting it out, a rubber cover fitted under the battery clamp.

finished battery



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