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Manual Hubs question

22 Dec 2017 11:52 #187724 by Dancasey
Hey there Bigjimny folk, I've had my Jimny for around two years now and I've never gotten round to getting my 4wd fixed. Now, I know next to nothing about the mechanics of a car (though I've been trying to get my head around it for ages, lol).

When 4wd is selected (electric switch on the dashboard), the green 4wd BRIEFLY comes on, I hear the clicks under the car and then... Nothing. No light, or four wheel drive, to my knowledge.

Now, I'm just simply going to go for manual hubs, after a few weeks of forum-browsing. Just because I can't be arsed with the hassle of all the vacuum systems and electrics.

Is there any reason why I shouldn't? Could it be that it still won't work after forking out a hundred quid on some freewheeling hubs?

Also, on the subject - I've also wondered, how would you select 4WD low with manual hubs?

Sorry if my questions seem dumb, I'm only 21 and I want to know all there is about my Jimny, lol



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22 Dec 2017 12:40 #187725 by facade
Replied by facade on topic Manual Hubs question
There can be a whole list of things wrong. I'm afraid.

However, at no cost, try this

Below the battery should be a birds nest of rubber pipes connected to the two vacuum solenoid valves that operate the hubs.
There is also a round switch that has a short rubber pipe on one side. This switch signals that a vacuum has built up in the pipes to the hubs, and so the hubs are probably engaged.

Remove the connector and bridge the two wires. This will fool the 4wd controller into thinking that the hubs work.

Now see if the 4wd appears to work using the buttons in the cab, (To get low you have to be stationary with your foot on the clutch, and already in 4wd).

If the lights operate correctly, then buy & fit manual hubs.

If it suddenly breaks, go back to the last thing that you did before it broke and start looking there :)

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