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OBD sensor error

18 Jan 2015 12:13 #135383 by laikathedog
laikathedog created the topic: OBD sensor error

fitted a new exhaust from manifold back, all good for about 8 months.
now i have engine warning light
i put an OBD reader on it and the sensor on the cat is in error
cleared OBD, cleaned sensor but it came back on after a couple of days

do i just fit a new sensor (any recommendations ?) (hint: cheapskate)
can i clean mine (brake cleaner didnt do it !)

any other advise ?

thanks all


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18 Jan 2015 16:25 #135397 by BigT
BigT replied the topic: OBD sensor error
Brake cleaner would destroy the sensor, I woul
d fit a new one a genuine one is best the cheap ones dont last

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