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Jimny to alter for my farm

09 Jan 2018 23:51 #188204 by Easthills
I have a Jimny that I bought new in 2013 2 door hard top automatic

Rolled it in 2015.

Got it back after it was written off as it only has 16000Kms on the clock.
Pushed the body back into shape roughly. The windscreen will have to be a perspex one as I do not think the glass ones will fit now
Going to use it on my cattle property in Tenterfield NSW Australia which has very steep and rough country.
The vehicle will never be used on the road again and is constantly in 4 WD never go over about 20 to 40 Kms/hr

Now want to alter it to make it safer and to stop another rollover as follows:-

Widen the wheel base for stability. Spacers? wider wheels with offset, wide mud tyres?
Soften the suspension as I have a fused spine and can not take the jolting anymore. any Ideas?
Raise the vehicle and ground clearance to clear logs and rocks.
Make up a shield to protect the underside a bit

If anyone can give me advice or ideas I would really appreciate it

Figure this is a better option than buying a new side by side farm vehicle.
Thanks in advance for any ideas or advice .

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10 Jan 2018 01:53 #188207 by zukebob
Replied by zukebob on topic Jimny to alter for my farm
You are probably going to need to filter some of the responses you get. People will likely answer based on their preferences and off-road habits/environment.

People have commented here that they feel spacers improve the stability of the Jimny. By that, they seem to refer to reducing rollover risk. The contribution of spacers will be negligible. If you want to determine the COMPARATIVE difference of the Jimny with and without spacers, just google "static stability factor". It isn't really the best way to determine the likelihood of rollover but can give an idea of how much (little) spacers would help. But if you got em' use em'.

The suspension is dependent on the type of rollover cause. If you do a reasonable amount of side slope driving (possibly the reason you rolled before?) leaning a little toward a firmer suspension is probably better. If you drive areas that are really rutted where you sometimes drop a wheel down, thereby leaning the car, I would personally prefer a little softer suspension. The suspension piece of this is more difficult since driving technique is a big influence.

Now the most important piece of your question: Raising the vehicle is the exact opposite of what you want to do to prevent rollover. The Jimny already has a high center of gravity as it relates to track (refer back to static stability factor). If this is now for farm/ranch use only, you may want to consider ditching the body and make something more of a buggy from it......or something similar. The lower you can make or keep the center of gravity, the better. Like the spacers providing the potential for a very minor improvement, the under-body armor you mention could also help lower the CG. The chances are again that it would be negligible.

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10 Jan 2018 05:26 #188212 by Lambert
Replied by Lambert on topic Jimny to alter for my farm
All I would add is to possibly consider a set of 215.75r15 tyres firstly as it offers more choice of patterns and secondly they fit under the standard car but give it a bit more clearance under the diffs for obstacle avoiding. Again without raising the centre of gravity too much.

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10 Jan 2018 10:24 #188230 by Busta
Replied by Busta on topic Jimny to alter for my farm
Taller, softer AND more stable is asking for the moon on a stick. Transfer case and fuel tank guards will protect the underside. Taller tyres will give you more clearance everywhere. Given that you aren't precious about the bodywork you could fit some 7.50 r16s, perhaps on mildly offset rims and keep the suspension standard. This will mess up the gearing but an SJ410 box will help and shouldn't be hard for you to find. That's going to be the cheapest and easiest way to get close to what you are asking.

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