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My rusty jimny

08 Nov 2018 15:46 #197469 by Peter Gaspar
My rusty jimny was created by Peter Gaspar
Hi all,

I was in the garage this week with my Jimny an I have change to see my car from bottom.

Here are the photos:


Is it so bad?
How can I deal with it?
What do you recommend?

Thaks for any reply.


Peter G.

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08 Nov 2018 18:04 #197473 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic My rusty jimny
Some welding needed on the body mounts and surrounding areas there. not too bad if you can weld.

As Jack says, Buzzweld is excellent, but it needs patching done first.

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08 Nov 2018 21:51 - 08 Nov 2018 21:53 #197500 by Scimike
Replied by Scimike on topic My rusty jimny
No fast fix for this sorry to say, but it can be done. , You need to remove any loose rust and undrseal you can get at, treat with a rust converter and overpaint with Buzzweld RPC. Then re apply underseal in the areas you have removed it and spray the complete underside with black waxoyl. Treat any box sections internally with dinatrol, takes about 4 cans on a Jimny.
This of course is after you have patched any rot holes. For a nice surprise have a look at the front body mounts under the front wheel arch liners, if you are lucky it will not need welding. It took me two weeks to treat our Jimny, but its now 100% rust free underneath and protected.

This is just my way of doing things, but we all appear to agree that Buzzweld is good stuff and the Jimny rusts :lol:
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09 Nov 2018 06:43 #197516 by kirkynut
Replied by kirkynut on topic My rusty jimny
There's a lot of rust to cut out and replace with fresh metal there.

Good luck. I'd not bother.


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