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My jimny project, SSS motor, trail gear transfer ++

17 May 2018 19:31 #192780 by OlaGB
OlaGB replied the topic: My jimny project, SSS motor, trail gear transfer ++
Found a M18a throttlebody (54mm vs stock 46mm) and intake for sale in Australia, which i`ve now bought! Hopefully that will cover some of my power cravings..

Struggling with the exhaust though.
I would like to upgrade it, with 4-2-1 and full 2", but getting it custom built where i live is very very expensive.
Found a well proven system in south afrca , "De Graaf", but that also got very expensive due to export costs.. So no go..
The header i find on ebay in Australia, isnt made to make any power they say.. Its basicly only made to replace a stock one, no thoughts given for performance. Then i just as well can keep the stock one.
HM4x4 in italy has got a interesting one header/exhaust, but 1500 eur + tax/shipping is totally a no go.

I`d hate to go dyno tune the car on stock exhaust, and then find a nice ok priced system for sale a week afterwards..
But there seems to be very few making good systems for the jimny.. I even asked KAP, but they told me they have stopped selling theire system.

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