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My jimny project, SSS motor, trail gear transfer ++

23 Jul 2018 13:43 #194573 by OlaGB

yakuza wrote: Hi!
Still on 98 octane?
Mine is good now on 98. Had a 8 hour drive south to Stord on 98 and the car performed quite good. Worst was going home up Modalen area. too long uphill with 600kg trailer.
My Swift (m13 no VVT 90hp) has this punch on high revs that my Jimny has none of with its m16. the intake manifold and TB must be it it seems.
Have you checked if your exhaust manifold cat is OK?
Sounds like i have too start collecting parts but now my budget still suffers from holiday and low gears for my transfer.
Has your transfer gotten more silent? Still gear noise from mine, but much less. Will change the gear oil now that i soon have reached 1000km of use after installing.

Tested both 95 and 98 oct now, and no ign knock on either as far as i know..
Compared live reading of ignition also, and can not see any retardation of ignition on 95 vs 98oct. But for some reason, i have more torque on 98. I loose 3-4km/h up a local hill in 5th on 95, while i gain 5-8km/h on 98oct. Several attempts, same story.. Got to test 95 again later on.

I did have some knock on 98oct on stock intake actually, but only afer heating up the motor real good.

Cat looked OK when manifold was off, but i did not remove it. Regret that alittle now, maybe i will later on.

Transfer is alot quieter now! Oil change is on the todo list!

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23 Jul 2018 15:01 #194582 by yakuza
sounds like the same "before" as mine is now then. only slight knock on 98 when abused. but I do have to run it almost empty on 95 and will only get full effect of the 98 on the second filling.
Wish I could measure the 2006+ m16a GV intake as they can be found in Norway.

removing the cat did not give much noticeable difference on mine even though it was 50% defect.

2005 Jimny M16A VVT, 235 BFG MT, 2" Trailmaster, 17%/87% high/low gears.

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