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My sad jimny

02 Aug 2017 08:18 - 02 Aug 2017 11:37 #183109 by sadjimny
My sad jimny was created by sadjimny
Well i am from Turkey Istanbul, age 40 an old combat rescue commando and now a private security company owner.

I always like your forum but never written anything until today.

I will share my beautiful yet very sad Jimny to you. first of all Suzuki samurai was my childhood memory, as i child whom grew up in istanbul yeah we were poor no money for anything so even my dreams were small like suzuki samurai :)
After years pass on and i earned money i decided to make my dream came true and last year bought the brand new suzuki jimny and promised my self that i will ride this car until i die.
As a combat operator i am very very careful on an off road no stracthes to my car and always clean :)
Last year my baby boy born, so i given a the same name to my car "ARES". yeah you talking to yourself now how idot this guy is i can hear it, but i love this car anyway 2 days ago there was a hail storm in istanbul and my cars body work ruined, pls check the photos.
I was very sad sad sad, the roof is complete disaster even the a pillar is gone, bloody ice.
Why did i share you is to maybe you can gave me some relief i dont know.
have a nice day all

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