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Just bought my first Jimny

18 Mar 2017 16:18 - 18 Mar 2017 16:19 #179347 by TorpointJimny
Hi everyone

My Volvo C30 brought me into owning a Jimny.

It went like this. Stranded on the M5 Volvo just stopped working, various messages on the display. Tow truck home, talking to the driver I asked what cars break down the most. He told me he gets called out to new cars and motorcycles under five years old. I was surprised at this and asked why, electronics, same thing that has made my Volvo suddenly stop working.

A garage, a mobile auto electrician, three diagnostic computers and still they don't know why the Volvo stopped, although it is all pointing to the ECU. I have the car towed back to my house and I take the ECU off myself. They tell me its like a computer that controls everything, so where is this computer? Under the nearside front wheel arch. That's just where I would stick a sensitive piece of equipment!

So now I have a useless car, and ECU that is currently being worked on by a specialist company. And a determination to get away from technology. I'm thinking Defender or older version. Told TD5 is best avoided, the 300 tdi is the one to go for. But then I see what you can get for three and half grand (my budget), basically I'd say 'a project' is what you get. Something that looks abandoned. So I look at other cars, I do like the Mk 2 Honda CRV, but I have had one before and they are quite pricy. So then I looked at the Jimny, it seems pretty easy to work on, I liked the selectable 4 wheel drive.

So a week later I have an 06 Jimny, 51K miles, last service was by a main dealer, who fitted a new exhaust and Cat, re shimmed the kingpins and MOT'd it, with no advisories. I love it.

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18 Mar 2017 16:37 #179350 by 1066Boy
Replied by 1066Boy on topic Just bought my first Jimny
Welcome to the club. :) The is no more fun for the money than a Jimny. Its not very big, its not fast and a bit bouncy on road, but I don't think a day passes that I don't smile when driving mine. I look out the window every morning before going to work and think shall I take the Honda today?
Its faster, more economical and more comfortable. You guessed it, Jimny wins every time. :laugh: ;)

Jimny JLX Facelift model 2005.
Kashmir Blue Pearl Metallic.
2" lift with Procomp Es1000 shocks.
Diff and transfer box guards from Jimnybits.
215/75/15 General Grabber x3's
and a driver called Allan (1066Boy)

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18 Mar 2017 17:53 #179355 by gusthegorilla
Well....you wouldn't take the Volvo down there, would you ? Even if it was working :whistle:
No, neither would I :woohoo:
But your Jimny will go virtually anywhere you want it to go, and without lighting up your dash like a Christmas tree.

Welcome to the Forum...there's no finer place for quality information and advice....
Enjoy your Jimny...LIVING is about to take on a whole new meaning ;) ;)


He who fails to plan....plans to fail !
I'm planning to live forever.....so far, so good !!

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19 Mar 2017 17:16 #179400 by TorpointJimny
You are right there.
Now when I'm out and about I look at dirt tracks and think 'I bet my Jimny go up there'

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