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Kirkynut's Jimny (aka Daddy's Tractor) - The Evolution continues...

13 Sep 2018 18:38 #195979 by helijohn

kirkynut wrote: Oil and filter changed today for Castrol Edge 5w30 fully synthetic, which was half price in Tescos the other week.

Oooh, I hope it still is cos I could do with some of that!!
Nice looking motor my friend.B) B)

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14 Sep 2018 15:19 #195999 by kirkynut
Sorry John, it's not been on offer for a while now!

MOT passed with flying colours!

The Mrs Beemer only just passed due to rust the other month, so we planned to scrap it before next year's MOT, however the rear nearside brake calliper is seizing and I don't want to put a new one on a car I'm about to scrap!

So I think the Jimjam might get pressed into daily use soon, at which point these tyres are going to annoy me I think! They're great for the mud plugging I bought them for but now I'm using it on the road more and only on lanes, they're a bit unnecessary.

I'm quite into driving it at the moment, regardless of the noisy tyres.

I have kingpin bearings to replace on the mother in law's best friends Jimjam tomorrow morning. I think it's the first time the kingpins will have been out since they were put in at the factory in 2004, so it's going to be a bit of a job getting the top one out I'm sure!


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