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Fan belt Crank pulley problems

07 Nov 2019 17:46 - 07 Nov 2019 17:47 #215449 by bryn
The saga continues.
I changed both fan belts as one of them was squealing and now it appears I have a problem with the crank pulley. It seems to have a wobble and when I let the engine warm up and rev it I get a rattle which seems to be coming from the pulley area. The tensioner seems fine and running true.
I was wondering if I over mentioned the belts and that would have an effect

As always advice much appreciated

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07 Nov 2019 17:59 #215451 by Riccy
The pulley failing is usually what causes people to start changing belts in the first place.

They have a rubber compound as part of their construction which wears out and you get the problem you have found. Possibly tightening the belts properly has brought it on sooner, but its an inevitable thing on a Jimny im afraid.

Martin sells them in the bigjimny shop ;-)

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07 Nov 2019 20:38 #215459 by Foxtrot
I remember one of my Jimnys got recalled for a faulty defect on one of the pulleys, I think they changed it out for a stronger version as the previous one was prone to failure.


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