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Sorry - another vacuum hub issue!

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10 Sep 2018 20:36 #195864 by JakesJimny
Hi guys new to the site and Jimnys but the forum and wiki’s have been very helpful.

Have bought a 2006 manual Jimny for my son as his first car. Just going through a few bits on it to get it ready for him. Planning to lift it, snorkel etc but want to get it up to scratch first.

Have read the hub wiki’s which is excellent as well as every post that mentions hubs or 4wd but my issue is slightly different I think.

NSF hub rubs/grinds like a worn out pad on a disc sound at 20mph +. 2wd and 4wd system seems to all operate as it should with collars moving in and out freely with a light clunk. 4wd dash lights all as they should be unless I try to operate with a hose or hub off. If I remove the sliding collar and gear from the hub and drive again I get no grinding noise, if I swap the loaded hubs between OSF and NSF I still get the noise on the NSF. Have had it jacked up and 2wd / 4wd operate on the button every time.

No play in wheel when jacked up up/down left/right etc. Drives straight with and without the collars in the hub.

It’s almost as if the sliding collar is forced off the magnet during rotation and tries to engage with the gear in the hub? I can’t spin the wheel fast enough on the axle stands to replicate it when stationary unfortunately.

Any ideas greatly received and yes I am planning to go to manual hubs but I don’t like being beaten so this is annoying me now.

Could the vacuum system be pulling the collar assembly without the 4wd switch being pressed and only on one side.

Thanks for any input

Ps will also be interested in any local 4x4 clubs in and around Berkshire but will check the posts on this.

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11 Sep 2018 04:01 #195872 by Lambert
Does ths noise vary with steering input? Could be damaged cv joint?

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11 Sep 2018 05:14 #195875 by JakesJimny
Thanks for the reply. No change with steering input, tried hard left to right swaying and no change. With hub collar and gear removed drives lovely. Also only does it in 2WD. Am going to place something between collar and gear to stop it moving to 100% confirm that’s what I’m hearing. Keep you posted.

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