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M13A engine overhaul service after 55 000 miles

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09 May 2018 14:55 #192559 by Bosanek
I've got into two obstacles during servicing.

The first one is how to change the power steering fluid.
I have not found any drain plug. Putting an oil syringe into the fluid tank does not appear to be feasible, since there appears to be a grid/mesh in the tank which prevents me from submerging the syringe deep enough.
I considered disconnecting one of the pipes in the power steering fluid circle, but whichever pipe connection I considered, it will either squirt the power steering fluid all around the engine bay, or starve the pump of oil.

Any suggestions on how to drain this fluid and how to refill it properly without any air gaps etc.? Should the engine be running during draining or filling phase?

The second problem is draining and refilling the brake fluid. Since the vehicle has ABS, my mechanic does not want to fiddle with it as he has had a few horror issues with not being able to purge air out of ABS brakes on a few vehicles in the past. So he generally does not want to service ABS brakes anymore on unknown vehicles.

Anyway, my mechanic told me that with ABS equipped vehicles it can be next to impossible to properly purge the air after draining the old fluid and filling in new one.
So, how to properly drain and refill new brake fluid and purge the air out of the system?

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09 May 2018 16:01 #192561 by jackonlyjack
I just flushed old brake fluid out by draining the pot and re filling with new fluid
then just kept on bleeding and filling over and over
no issues just nice clean fluid and lots of time :)

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09 May 2018 16:59 #192562 by Riccy
There is good info in the suzuki workshop manual (for the non VVT M13) re power steering system. Special tools are needed by the looks of it to get primed again :-(

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06' pickup project


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24 May 2018 10:31 #192905 by Bosanek
I will look into the service manual about the power steering fluid change. But a mechanical engineer who is specialized in hydraulics told me that the fluid in power steering pumps in small vehicles should essentially never need changing as it rarely needs changing even on big construction machines where everything is run by hydraulics.

I had a strange issue while replacing engine coolant. Specification says that engine coolant capacity is around 6 liters. When I drained the coolant radiator, only 4 liters of coolant came out. I even removed the radiator to change the belts, and no additional coolant leaked from the pipes.

After assembling everything, I poured 4 liters of new coolant mixed with distilled water.

Where did the remaining 2 liters of fluid remain and why? Or is the coolant capacity actually 4 liters only?

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24 May 2018 16:11 #192911 by OlaGB
Yeah same with my car, 4-5 liters only (didnt measure).

Brakefluid, i just changed all brake hoses, and blead 1 liter of fluid through the system to change it all out.. No issues what so ever, done in 15min with my daughter on the pedal..

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