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Bulb behind the heater blown ! 2009 jimny

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22 Mar 2016 12:08 #164200 by CliffAnger
Bulb behind the heater blown ! 2009 jimny was created by CliffAnger
I know its hardly the most technical issue - but its still driving me mad ! -its a later 2009 model

one of the bulbs that lights up the heater controls has blown and i just can't quite get to it !
I've removed the fascia courtesy of Halford's excellent instruction guide and even with the CD player removed i can't quite reach the damn bulb holder ! I've tried to get the heater control free but there are 2 lugs that locate it i the dash and the darn thing won't budge at all ! The bulb holder on the left is reachable but the one on the right is only just touchable......i gave up stretching to it after the metal dash frame slashed my hand and blood started dripping into the carpet !!!

anyone got any ideas please ??


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15 Jul 2018 11:12 #194291 by chewy2
Does anyone know how to get to the heater control bulb in the VVT model?

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15 Jul 2018 22:44 #194314 by Darthblaker7474
The heater ones are a pain in the rear to do because all the control gubbins is still connected up.

when I did mine, I kind of "bent" them out of the way.

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  • Gen 3 Jimny
19 Jul 2018 07:18 - 19 Jul 2018 07:19 #194447 by Bosanek
Unfortunately the situation is almost hopeless.

Both of my bulbs behind the heater controls died.

The left one is possible to remove and install with a lot of fiddling and patience.

However, the right one can just be touched even with the hardest effort. You might be able to remove it, but there is absolutely no chance in the entire universe and beyond that anyone can install it.
I tried removing the 4WD wires and switches, but that did not improve the situation.

I finally came to the conclusion that some of the heater controls have to be disassembled in order to improve access, but I was afraid to touch them.

So I am still driving with the dead right lamp.
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