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Newbie Gen 3 - Cruise Control / Accelerator Footrest question

11 Oct 2019 11:11 #214600 by Beaverhausen
Please be gentle guys, I've searched and with old threads don't know if things have changed.

Just bought a 56 plate 1.3 VVT manual. With no corrision :silly:

Spoke to a local (Bristol) after-market cruise control installer who claim they can't find a compatible cruise control unit.

Does anyone know if things have changed since 7 year-old threads which talk of the Commander (Australian post) or Waeco (UK) being fitted?

Failing that, as it's only a question of a sore ankle on long motorway trips - anyone know of a longer accelerator pedal more like a footrest that can be fitted? Everything on eBay or Amazon seems to be manufacturer/model specific (with no Jimny Gen 3 mentioned, of course).

Any help appreciated! I've always wanted to drive a tank, and now I am!

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11 Oct 2019 11:27 #214601 by Lambert
Welcome to the forum. As far as I am aware there isn't much in the way of proprietary technology available to get real cruise control on a Jimny. I have looked at various types of hand throttle ideas but I haven't fitted one because I just don't want the risk of being accused of using it on the road in the event of a collision as all the ideas I have seen are not self cancelling and therefore a bit dubious on road. To counter this on a long drive I will wear my high laced Magnum boots and use them as an ankle brace.

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11 Oct 2019 11:37 #214602 by Reason2doubt
Funny this came up now... I was days ago searching around for a solution to this ahead of the 6 hour drive from Newcastle to Berkshire for the BigJimny event next weekend.

My research had the same conclusion as lambert in that no solution I found had throttle cancel and I deemed it too risky to buy/fit my own as it sounded a bit complicated and not safe for roads.

And exactly as Lambert points out...big boots will do the trick (at least what I have found myself from longer journeys in the past).
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11 Oct 2019 14:40 #214619 by RainerK
I am also checking for a cruise control and I found this:


It is a Rostra 250-1223.

From the same supplier there are different kits and if you have manual transmission you might want to get a kit with a clutch switch.

Also there are different stalks and I am not sure yet which one is the best, left or right, long or short, ....

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