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Technical solutions in Jimny gen4 compared to gen3

24 Feb 2019 10:22 - 24 Feb 2019 10:38 #203749 by Bosanek
Does anyone know if or how the following technical solutions in Jimnys gen4 differ to gen3:

Is it still part-time 4WD with RWD 2WD, no inter-axle diff lock?

Is the reduction ratio in low range mode still the unfortunately chosen 2,00x?

Are the front wheels still (dis)engaged from the driveline through the operation of vacuum locking wheel hub heads, and is the design of the vacuum system still the same?

Are both the front and the rear differentials the standard "open" design? Is there a factory options for a LSD or some kind of fully lockable differential?

Are the rear brakes drum or disc?

Is the hand brake still the same design (double cable operated, wheel brake)?

Is the clutch pedal still connected to the clutch via cable?

Does the transmission lever have the same positions (and the same behavior) as in Jimnys gen3 1998-2005?

Are all four shock absorbers still separate from the coil springs (not going through them)?

Any differences in the suspension setup (axles, radius arms, tie rods, panhar rods, anti roll bars, drop links, front wheel swivels, wheel hubs, etc.?

What about transmission breathers (front and rear differential, transfer box, gear box)?
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26 Feb 2019 16:01 #203857 by saxj
It's pretty much the same as the gen3. I don't know about the clutch, I have an auto.

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26 Feb 2019 16:44 #203860 by Gadget
1. Yes, still part-time 4WD with RWD 2WD, no inter-axle diff lock.
2. Don't know.
3. Yes, still uses vacuum locking hubs to engage front wheels, don't know if the vaccum system is the same.
4. Both diffs open. A LSD is shown in the JDM accessory catalogue, but not in Europe and I'm not aware of anyone who's had it fitted yet.
5. Drum
6. Don't know
7. Don't know
8. Don't know
9. Yes, all shocks are separate from springs.
10. Don't know
11. Don't know

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26 Feb 2019 17:17 #203861 by mlines
As others have said. It is very much a new body on an old chassis.Very nearly everything associated with the running gear is the same.

There is a few mm change in the mounting points for the suspension as well as a few mm increase in the axle width.

I have sent you some details


2003 M13 early KAP build.
3" Trailmaster lift with 1.5 Spacers on front
Customised winch bumper and roll cage
235/85R16 Maxxis Bighorns on 16" Rims, 4:1 Rocklobster, Rear ARB locker and on-board air
Corrected arms all-round, rear disks, Recaro seats and harnesses

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01 Mar 2019 21:33 #203994 by Busta
1. To avoid any confusion, there is no inter - axle diff on Suzukis, so drive to the front and rear axles is always 'locked' when in 4wd.

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