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Tyres again winter or all season

11 Oct 2018 19:25 #196668 by Grainfoot
Going round in circles looking at different tyres. We live in Peak District on a very steep hill and ice is a big problem in winter. Summer tyres on vehicle and it is impossible to negotiate down th hill in any vehicle, gravity takes you in a straight line.
Looking at Nokian WD3 full winter at moment as had these before on another vehicle, the rubber sticks like Velcro even on ice that you can't stand on.
Any all season alternative that would get us down and back up hill. Vredestein Quatrac 5? Or do we need the super flexible rubber of full winters.
We are on standard 205/70/15

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11 Oct 2018 20:10 - 11 Oct 2018 20:13 #196671 by Max Headroom
If Winter is an issue I would strongly advocate the use of winter-specific tyres based on experience with regular two-wheel drive cars.

Unfortunately I no longer have the space for two sets of wheels/tyres (summer and winter) so I fitted Yokohama Geolander all season tyres on my Jimny last year, - but only after all the snow had gone! So I cant yet write an review of my experience other than that of the following wet weather in which I was happy with how they performed.

I live in the Cotswold hills and we do get a good helping of deepish snow from time to time, but probably nothing like you do in the Peak District..
A friend of mine had a VW Phaeton (a 4x4 car) fitted with Nankang snow-specific tyres and I was utterly astonished at how he got me to work in the most horrendous snow conditions by taking a very steady 20-30mph.
The only time we decided to turn around and take a different route was when we came upon a snow-plough that had itself got stuck! This journey had included two particularly steep hills - Fish Hill at Broadway and the hill going through Bourton-On-The-Hill both of these hills were 'officially closed' but we still got through with what seemed to me like relative ease.

If you can afford to have two sets of wheels and tyres I would say do it. However ice will always remain a problem whatever tyres are on the car.

Sorry this is not much help, and only an opinion based on the performance of my friends Phaeton fitted with snow-specific tyres but it might help your decision

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11 Oct 2018 21:27 #196677 by sniper
I was all but unstoppable in the snow last year on BFG AT Ko2, they were beyond good.

The nearest size available in 215/75x15 which I fitted on a standard car with 60k and tired suspension. No catching or clearance issues.

They're not cheap, I think I paid £115 from oponeo and £50 for fitting...... 4000 miles with a fair bit of off road driving and they still look brand new.


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11 Oct 2018 22:27 #196683 by yakuza
BFGs are ok the first two or three years, then rubber hardens.
I would not consider anything other than full on winter tires, living in Norway.

2005 Jimny M16A VVT, 235 BFG MT, 2" Trailmaster, 17%/87% high/low gears.

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11 Oct 2018 23:19 #196686 by Caelite
My work trucks (L200 & Ford Ranger) run BFG KO2s. They really are absolutely fantastic traversing all sorts, snowy grass is where we notice them most actually, blows the Continental Crosscontacts we have one one of the rangers out of the water.

I will admit, in my own Jimny, I went for its very similar looking cousin, the General Grabber AT3. Very similar looking tyre with great reputation and credentials (3PMSF), but, in my experience dramatically cheaper (£85 to £120/corner).

Personally I'd go for a all season/winter rated (3PMSF) all terrain tyre. Much less faff and these modern all seasons really are better than ever before.

205/75r15 General Grabber AT3s, 15x6 ET5 Steel Modulars, Ignis Recaros, Green Stuff Pads, Osram Nightbreaker Bulbs

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  • Lambert
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12 Oct 2018 04:28 #196690 by Lambert
Another vote for bfg though mine are the urban terrain and in standard 205 size, brilliant all year round. Oh and they last well too, half worn at 40000 miles.

Dreadnaught (black 2011)

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