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What might this be worth??

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04 Sep 2018 20:23 #195693 by RiverRatJimny
Hi Jimmy Forum. I am not (yet) a Jimmy owner, but the opportunity to become one has arisen and I'm after advice. My neighbour has a 1998 T reg Jimny. I've liked the look of it since she moved in and (as she has another car and was rarely using the Jimmy) now has become the time to make a move. The Jimmy is SORN- its been sitting outside for months (MOT ran out Jan 18). It has 135k on the clock, but it has been quite extensively repaired/modified in the last 4 years- the suspension has been lifted, it has had a replacement engine (Suzuki carry van- 45k, new cam belt, water pump, aux belt, head gasket) new clutch, new starter motor solenoid and brushes, Kumho 195x15's on SJ 410 wheels. It's got a pretty cool looking custom made roof rack, and a tow bar. It's had quite a bit of welding done and was (prior to my neighbour's ownership) being made ready for the Mogul Rally (which it never went on).
She has said she wants to put an MOT on it and then sell it as she simply doesn't use it- I'm thinking of asking her to sell it to me without the MOT (save her hassle) and get it done myself. Last year the fails were just a couple of bulbs and an exhaust leak. I can testify to the fact that she has hardly used it over the last year.
It is tidy, and blue, and 20 years old. What are these things worth as spares or repair? Or modified with a year's MOT?

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05 Sep 2018 17:19 #195715 by jackonlyjack
100 then upwards
Modification price all depends on what it has
Let's say it has lift springs longer shockers 4 X castor arm's adjustable panhards all in good condition 300 ish

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05 Sep 2018 19:50 #195719 by RiverRatJimny
Thanks. I put a new battery in it today, and it started first turn, lovely idle, smooth and no rattles. Sadly she left the handbrake on when it was parked up, so rear brakes stuck on. She's booked it in for an MOT next week, so we'll go from there.

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06 Sep 2018 09:19 #195728 by facade
Replied by facade on topic What might this be worth??

RiverRatJimny wrote: She's booked it in for an MOT next week, so we'll go from there.

With a full MOT, Winter approaching, and what seems to be a shortage, you could be looking at £1000+

Modifications don't make any difference to the value at this end of the market, a £500 winch might add £100, which is why people strip the mods off and eBay them, replacing the standard bits that they kept in the shed to sell.

If it suddenly breaks, go back to the last thing that you did before it broke and start looking there :)
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