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e locker

02 Sep 2018 19:25 #195651 by GerhardJimny
e locker was created by GerhardJimny
good day to all,
i have a question on diff locks for the rear diff.
what locker would you guys recommend , the lock right ,arb or the e locker?

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02 Sep 2018 20:15 #195652 by Riccy
Replied by Riccy on topic e locker
I dont think theres anyone making an e-locker for the jimny, others may know better.

J999MNY has front and rear ARB air operated lockers (and compressor, air tank, solenoids, etc). I like them very much as they are engaged at the flick of a switch,tough and have bonus airline, but they were complex to fit and expensive.

Otherwise you have a choice of a quaife LSD (see others, i dont understand them properly) and versions of a lockrite (lockrite, luchbox locker, kaiser). These are basically permanently locked and 'unlock' selectivley by a varying version of a ratcheting mechanism. Benefit is its simpler, easier to install and always engaged, downside is noise and sometimes unwanted wheel spin on tight cornering. I think only the kaiser is available for the front also.

J999 MNY, M16 VVT, R7me gbox & Rocklobster,
31x10.5r15 Cooper STT, 2x ARB Lockd' 3.9 diffs & twin compressor,
6.5" total lift, Zookbob HD steering shock, Ignis recaro's
Custom bar & arches, rocksliders & guards,
Snorkel, K&N, 13500lb Winchmax, Buzzweld, etc, etc

Plus ULYSSES (06' trayback project)

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03 Sep 2018 00:31 #195656 by zukebob
Replied by zukebob on topic e locker
Like Riccy, I am not aware of anyone currently making an e-locker. I had heard a rumor about Harrop Eaton preparing to release one for the Jimny but have heard nothing since. If you know of one, please post the info.

I started out with nothing & still have most of it left

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03 Sep 2018 06:18 #195658 by Gadget
Replied by Gadget on topic e locker
Quaife is a limited slip differential that won't stop you getting cross-axled, as it can only divert a percentage of the torque from one side to the other - if you've got a wheel spinning up in the air, it's trying to shift a percentage of zero, which is also zero :)

If you're building a pure offroader, then the Lockright or Kaiser might be an option, but for a vehicle that's for both road and off-road use, I think an ARB on the rear is the only sensible option.

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03 Sep 2018 09:30 #195663 by TomDK
Replied by TomDK on topic e locker
I agree with Gadget.
If you're on a budget the Lock Right will do the trick, but requires some getting used to on road.

But, if you're only buying one locker at first, pehaps due to budget. Consider getting an ARB locker for the front axle first. The rear axle later on.
I know the strength on the shafts and joints could be better but often the front wheels loose traction before rear wheels does.

+3" Trail Master. Fox 8.0" R/R shocks. ORA HD winchbumper. Warn M8274 Ox-motor + Hellfire gears, Delta-Tek mainshaft and freespool, overvolted. 33/9.5 R16 Silverstone Extreme. 5.14:1 ratio SJ transferbox in RW cradle. OMP rollcage.

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