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loosing power after approx 10mins driving (2005-55)

10 Jul 2018 15:16 #194167 by Jpjimny
i am looking for a it of advice, after approx 10 mins driving the car suddenly looses power foot to the floor and it stay roughly same speed, this happens mostly in open road but when going into town also, I had same issue few weeks back and found calliper sticking ( I have replaced front brake pads/disc and now callipers in recent months it felt like same problem as though brakes were sticking then letting off) how ever on checking of discs they both seem fine and no excess staining on wheels suggesting a locked brake. can any one give me anything to check I have new set of spark plugs to fit. would rather try a few things first before putting to a garage incase they start swapping bits for fun. thanks for any info in advance. I will try and record the issue with passenger holding a phone. don't know if this is any thing to do with it but if this happens and idle at junction the car behaves erratically as though its away to stall as revs go down to just above 0.4 rpm

also on the 2/4/4wdl the button doesn't work to engage 4wd it just flashes green I have managed to reset it by linking wire to get back to 2wd so obviously a leak in vacumn pipe, so where do I buy new pipes and fitting from, they have been replaced previously but don't look to be the best pipe or fittings.

thanks for any help in advance

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10 Jul 2018 21:33 #194177 by sniper
Sounds like it could be a failing CAT, when they fail they fall to pieces, partially blocking the CAT, gases can't escape and back pressure causes the power loss.

Sadly, it could also be any part of the ignition system and also the cam sensor, possibly more, I'm no expert...


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