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New BMW M3 ?

07 Apr 2018 07:46 - 07 Apr 2018 07:48 #191403 by Max Headroom
Replied by Max Headroom on topic New BMW M3 ?
I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I've had more tickets in my Hyundai Coupe and my SAAB than in any other cars I've owned; they're not particularly fast cars and I'm no speed-merchant! But I don't particularly like to hang about while still trying to drive 'defensively'. I'm no ditherer.

However when I drove home yesterday evening, roof on the Jimny open, enjoying the open-air drive and finer weather, I was slightly amused at the string of traffic that had accumulated behind me :evil:

The '70s Midget is on a preservation order now so I'll drive that very carefully almost nursing it a bit - there are certain traits about it that can be alarming in modern traffic and after having driven front-wheel drive cars for so many years - its rear wheel drive; there are no servo-assisted brakes; and the rears are drum brakes.
The vintage car, (when I finally get that on the road) will be worse - rear wheel drive, front beam axle; leaf-springs all round; shock absorbers made from wood, (yes wood!); and cable-operated drum brakes all round, not to mention about 8" of play in the steering.

Looks like I'm going to be driving Miss Daisy from now on ;)

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09 Apr 2018 05:24 - 09 Apr 2018 05:38 #191475 by kirkynut
Replied by kirkynut on topic New BMW M3 ?
Both my Mrs and I have 6 cylinder E46's. The Mrs 325i has just shy of 150k miles on it and drives like new BUT they have a collection of things that go wrong on them:

Radiators bow and split
Expansion tanks split
Coolant pipes leak
Water pump failures where the plastic impellers used come off the shaft
Thermostat housing gaskets leak and can only be bought with a thermostat
Disa valves fall apart
First stage resistors on the heater fan fail
Power steering pumps fail and fill the system with swarf
Front suspension bushes don't last long
Dual mass flywheels are not that stout
Rear light circuits melt
Oil filter housing gaskets leak
Vanos seals leak

So the whole coolant system has to be treated as a serviceable item.

I've dealt with most of these across the two cars and they are simple cars to work on. BMW did not want their mechanics (technicians these days) to have a hard time and they know their cars all come into them for service and repairs for a number of years.

There's also the online parts catalogue called Realoem, which is exactly what the dealer uses. It has all the exploded diagrams and part numbers. I've had to use it a lot though mind!

Jap cars don't need all this pampering though. With basic servicing they do as many miles as BMW cars but with less issues. I wish I'd bought a Lexus IS300 now but as I've fixed most of the issues above, I might aswell keep it for the time being. I could do with a town car for parking though.

Lovely cars though.


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