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BigJimny Meet and off-road driving day



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Noggin and Natter - pre-event chat - Old Bell at Grazeley (part of hotel) 7:30pm 19th October

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Polycarbonate Headlight Lens Notice.

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22 Oct 2017 09:43 #185411 by ZookFastback
A minor amendment to the Notice I sent out a few years ago, about polishing Polycarbonate Headlights to restore the clear vision. I meant to say "White" Toothpaste, lol. Would hate to think what would happen if someone out there used Stripe Toothpaste. You'd never get the red out of the Headlights and they'd just look like tail-lights. Seems like a lot of cars have reddish headlights these days, no accounting for fashion hey. I checked into what would happen if someone was foolish enough to use one of the toothpastes ,like Stripe, with the Red Pigment in it. Apparently, the red would fade out as one write-up said "the colour will go as quickly as when Hell freezes over and the Devil learns to rollerskate" and that can't be a long time hey. Sounds rather good fun I reckon. Anyway, just thought I would mention the slight problem, been at the back of my mind a few years. :whistle:

Jap Jimny's go "OK"
But Santana Jimny's go "Ole!" :p

It's hard to run like an Emu
when you are girt by Numbats!

Ian from Cowangie Vic Oz

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23 Oct 2017 20:22 #185468 by helijohn
;) ;) :laugh:

Do it right - use Hammerite
When the blue light is flashing I am kidding.

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24 Oct 2017 00:32 #185474 by Keithy
Roller skating on ice.......now there's an idea.......hells teeth you beat me to it......new TV programme presented by Ian from Cowangie Vic Oz.....Not Keith from Leeds UK......this time next year Rodney!

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