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G13BB Engine expired, replacement wanted

17 Jun 2019 22:38 #210066 by Hugo
Hi Guys

My 2001 Jimny had 65k miles on her clock and was ‘tidied’ up to make a big old road trip with a 750kg trailer behind her down to Greece, a fabulous trip and the Jimny went fantastically well, pulling the loaded trailer and a fully loaded vehicle up and through the Mont Blanc tunnel without a hitch. However the trip must have taken its toll and the crank shaft oil seal has gone along with a real loss of power for a week or so before the oil seal went after we got to Greece. It feels like the best option would be to take a replacement engine over with me next time I go over. She is a 2001 convertible with a G13BB original engine with a manual gearbox fitted. Two Q’s;
Would the only engine that would replace the original engine be the same engine model or are their other later engines that would go ‘straight in’ without any conversion work/parts ?
Does anyone have a suitable engine for sale ?
Thanks Hugo

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18 Jun 2019 00:14 #210067 by Rabid Rhino
Leigh Catherick near Dover has a bunch of engines and can do a complete engine removal & install in just a few hours.
Call him on 01227 720852
He's been doing Suzukis for 30 years and really knows his way around them.

Looking for a nice clean and straight LHD Jimny..... Not any more.
Got one that seems to have been magnatized and driven through the "Big Jimny Bits" parts stores too quickly so it missed a few items.

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