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For Sale jimny pickup 09 51000 miles.

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14 Feb 2018 23:44 #189344 by Jo King
For Sale jimny pickup 09 51000 miles. was created by Jo King
Hello, Today is a sad day as I have decided to put my go anywhere faithful Jimny on the market...
I bought this Jimny in 2016 with 24k on the clock for 7000, but soon after I had the usual gearbox bearing failure, which was remedied by fitting a low mileage 34K mk 3 gear box and transfer box At the same time I had a new clutch fitted . this however lowered the gearing considerably. so then I bought some old man emu soft spings 40mm to allow the 225 75 15 at tyres to bring down the revs and for more clearance . The revs used to be 4250 at 70 but it now sits at 4750 at the said speed with the bigger tyres so it still could do with slightly bigger tyres. It has AVO adjustible dampers which makes for a rather more pleasant ride.It has rock sliders which is a plus if you want to exo cage it. I also had fitted Arb differential lockers both front and back. The chassis is straight and has not been cut in anyway, and the axle too. I only take it very slow off road as to not break anything. its never seen water i.e. rivers of floods,deep mud, As I like to do more technical wheeling like extreme laning with one wheel in the air. This truck it light and Nimble like a mountain goat. and it is not thirsty as one might expect. I am in the process of filling out a form for the dvla as to categorize whether to call it a pickup or tray back. if it remains as a pickup then the insurance would only except it as a commercial vehicle which is works out dearer. Please note the rear pickup tray was made as a temporary thing so as to keep mobile untill I decide which way to take it,be it an all out extreme truck or work horse. this truck has had money thrown at it . I am happy to show anyone what it can do off road, as I have not found a lane it cant do with absolute ease. I am willing to except 4k but the closest offer to this amount get the prize. before the chop it was a real wolf in sheep's clothing. my email is not attached to to the private messages . my mobile is 07512078156 and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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16 Feb 2018 14:43 #189363 by j999pre
Hi. Could you pm me a price and location please?

Gold Jimny the best colour (sold) :(

Big red Jimny now. 32" tyres, arbs, cage 5:1 transfer etc.

Also grey pick up nearly finished.
Turbo m13a, arbs, floating rear shafts, disc conversion rear, vented front conversion. 245 70 16. Winch, 3" lift, 4:16 trans hd shafts and CVS

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