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You can now add the vehicles you own to your profile as little icons that appear in your profile and alongside your posts.
This is a bit of an experiment. Take a look under the "REWARDS" menu across the top of the screen for the vehicles "ADD/MODIFY" option.
Let me know how you get on.

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NOTE: This is for members and their private sales/wants.
There are rules that suppliers have to follow (and many of you do follow the rules). However there have been a number of instances recently where "suppliers" have broken the rules.

Suppliers/Dealers or anyone selling with a commercial view in mind CANNOT post here unless responding to a specific request of a member in a "wanted" post.

Suppliers include people "breaking for spares" on a regular basis, when purchasing spares members should ask a supplier what they contribute to the running of the forum

Jimny - SOLD

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03 Dec 2017 21:55 #186982 by Barry
Replied by Barry on topic Jimny - SOLD
Thanks for that. I thought that being as a new one was on its way, it would dent demand for the current ones, as the ones I've been looking at are around four years old. So I'm wrong then? Was just about to order the one in London, before I found out they couldn't even be bothered to return my emails, so how good would they be for a warranty enquiry? The other one I like, they aren't budging at all - says they have already dropped the price once (yeah, from a totally unrealistic one!). Trouble is, it's still £9,500.

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04 Dec 2017 09:51 #187001 by Stu320
Replied by Stu320 on topic Jimny - SOLD
We bought ours brand new from Maidenhead Suzuki in Feb.' 2014 - they were really good, & do the servicing on mine, so may be worth giving them a call / visit. However, our car was bought as a trade-in against our old 2006 Jimny - decent condition but 55k on the clock. The sales guys were really honest with us - basically got ours at book price, with the Glasscoat thrown in, because they were really happy to get their hands on a decent second hand one to sell on. Most garages seem to hate trade-in, because they end up with a car they may not be able to sell, and often off-load to car auctions. However, decent second-hand Jimnies are like hen's teeth, and they always make money for the dealer. Give it a wash, service & warranty, and stick it on the forecourt for at least a grand more than they paid for it.

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