6/10/09 - Phil Baileys Drum brake tips

Phil has sent in some more of his tips, this time regarding the drum brakes...

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5/10/09 - Fixing a vacuum hub in the field

A common problem in "Jimnyworld" is to travel to an off-road event only to find that you cannot select 4WD. Either the hubs are stuck or the vacuum has "escaped". For more details on the hubs see my "How to guide"

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4/10/09 - Bent it!

We went to the CSMA drive around day at Aldermaston. This is the first time they have visited a "Pay and Play" site as a private booking so it was a nice, small, select crowd that gathered at the Alddermaston site. The conditions were rock hard after the very dry spell we have had recently so there was a touch of damage picked up here and there.

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23/09/09 - MOT at last!

For those of you following this site you may have seen that my Jimny failed its MOT last week (SEE HERE).

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15/9/09 - MOT Failure

So it was off down to the MOT station yesterday for the annual MOT test. I had spent a few hours over the weekend tidying things up and cleaning the car down. Most importantly I cleaned out the brakes as the rears were all siezed up and I had no handbrake again.

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