22/10/11 - Replacing the Wing

Those of you who have seen my Jimny may recall that it has a dented front wing. This has been like this since I bought it, but despite it being a large dent it is actually quite hard to see.

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14/10/11 - Putting the Panhard back together..

The first job is to sort out the Panhard Rods.

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09/10/11 - Time for more work!

So after Wagtail, the review of the "damage".

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23/12/10 - Caliper Rebuild (part 2)

So the work continues on from Part 1 ( Article CLICK HERE )

If you remember we left it at the point where the piston has been cleaned up and checked for a smooth fit into the caliper.


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18/12/10 - Caliper Rebuild (part 1)

The Jimny pulls sharply to the right when braking which tends to imply that  the left hand front brake is not coming on properly.

Therefore I decided to strip an rebuild the calipers as they have hard a hard life over the last 3 years.

First I got hold of a Caliper Refurbish Kit from www.biggred.co.uk. - for my Japanese Aisin Calipered Jimny the kit was BRK205131

As you can see it contains the slider boots (therefore is a saving on the Suzuki price straight away!) along with the piston seal ring and piston boots with retaining rings. It also contains some nipple covers.

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